Why a Licensed Master Plumber is a Smart Choice in NYC.

There are several different kinds of plumbing issues. Simple problems like a clogged toilet or sink are the type that you can call most plumbers to come to fix. These are simple repairs that even your average custodian or building super can correct on their own. However, there are sometimes potentially dangerous plumbing problems that legally need to be handled to buy a Master Plumber in New York City.

It is important to be aware of the specific guidelines in NYC when it comes to following building codes and local laws. They state that certain plumbing services or repairs must be done by a Licensed Master Plumber for the sake of safety, but it is not always obvious to homeowners or landlords why there are requirements for such fixes. We are going to go over the reasons that a Master Plumber should be hired for a job so that you know when to call us to your property.

Why You Need a Licensed Master Plumber

When repairs need to be done correctly and with a high level of quality, it’s important that you pick the right plumbing service for the job. This allows you to not only save you money in the long term, as the repair work will stand the test of time, but you can also avoid any danger during the work or violations and fines that could occur from using the wrong kind of contractor. New York City also has specific standards when hiring a Master Plumber for:

  • Extensive Plumbing Repairs – Repairs for plumbing issues that are matters of safety, such as a leaking gas pipe, should not be attempted on your own. An inspection should be carried out by a Master Plumber first, and they will then determine the root of the issue and what is the best manner to fix it. After this, they will be able to make any repairs safely and quickly.
  • Constructions and Renovations – Building renovations that involve plumbing need to have permits first filed by a Licensed Master Plumber, according to the NYC Department of Buildings. Master Plumber can then carry out any of the renovations or installations required according to NYC’s building codes and ensure the safety of residents during the process.
  • Appliance Installation – When appliances that require natural gas are installed, it is important that the process be done up to code and meet any specifications of the manufacturer. Such work also requires a Licensed Master Plumber so that there’s no risk to any of the new appliances, and that they work correctly for years to come.
  • Any Work on Your Gas Line – Repairs to your gas pipe, repairs to any gas leaks, gas pipe appliances, gas pipe services, and any gas pipe installations must be done by a Licensed Master Plumber. Working on gas lines can be incredibly dangerous work if you are not experienced and certified. On top of this, any unqualified work on your gas pipe is illegal, and can constitute fines and the shutting off of your gas line.
  • Official City Inspections – There are many different inspections that the Department of Buildings and other NYC agencies require Master Plumbers to carry out for the continued safety of the property. Gas piping system inspections, like Local Law 152 for example, must be performed by a Licensed Master Plumber, or at least must allow for a Master Plumber to perform them.

This may seem like a lot of potentially dangerous duties that require a Master Plumber. Thankfully, you do have options. At Empire Plumbing Inc, we provide local Licensed Master Plumber services all over NYC, including Staten Island, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. With the best prices and an always friendly team, we offer all the services you need for your commercial and residential gas line installations, repairs, and inspections. Reach out to Empire Plumbing today and schedule a Licensed Master Plumber for your gas line needs.

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