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When you have a gas leak, appliances are not working correctly, or a gas pipe inspection discovers physical damage to your gas lines, repair is an important step to help keep your system operating safely, avoid higher energy bills, or gas violation fines.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a local, licensed master plumber in NYC, serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and beyond. We can quickly determine problems with your gas line and implement a high quality fix that will return your gas line to its full functionality. Get a free estimate for gas line repair at your residential or commercial property by calling us at (718)494-7301.

NYC Gas Line Repair Services from Empire Plumbing 

We use experienced and comprehensive repair services to handle all of your gas piping system needs. Wherever there is damage to a gas line, regardless of the problem, we can provide an effective fix. Some of our gas line repair services include:

  • Gas Leak Repair – If you detect a gas leak on your property, our gas leak repair can identify the source and implement the right repair the leak damn damaged pipe repair if your gas line has sustained any damage, we can repair the damaged pipes.
  • Gas Pipe Replacement – For older pipes that no longer work, we can remove pipes and replace them with new materials.
  • Gas Violation Removal – If a broken or malfunctioning pipe has resulted in a gas violation, we can help you get the violation removed and service restored.
  • Malfunctioning Appliances – An appliance that is not working correctly is often the result of a damaged gas pipe. We can determine what is causing the issues in your particular case and check all appliance connections to ensure your system is working correctly.

All of our repair services begin with an in depth assessment of your property. We use a range of equipment that can help us detect leaks and determine where any problems are occurring in your gas line. Even if you are not certain what the problem is, our team can deliver a reliable fix to the issue.

Local Law 152 Repairs 

Over the last few years, the majority of properties in NYC are subjected to Local Law 152 which requires gas line inspections once every 4 years. If this inspection reveals a problem, you will need to have it fixed within the repair deadlines specified by the DOB and during your original inspection. 

Empire Plumbing, in addition to providing LL 152 inspections, can manage all repairs to bring your property up to code before the deadline, helping you avoid any fines and maintain a property that will meet inspection requirements going forward.

Knowing When You Need Gas Line Repair in Brooklyn

Problems with your gas line are not always immediately obvious. A Local Law 152 inspection or other gas pipe inspection can reveal problems, but not all properties are required to complete one of these inspections.

Knowing potential signs of a gas line issue so that you can spot them on your own and get fast repair is the best way to avoid more costly or destructive challenges. Signs include:

  • Sulfuric Smells – Gas utilities add an odor to natural gas, which is otherwise odorless, before piping it to properties. The smell is sulfuric, or similar to rotten eggs, and is often the clearest indication of a leak inside a property.
  • Hissing Noises – If you can hear a hissing sound from the vicinity of your gas lines or connection points between your gas lines and appliances, this could be the sound of pressurized gas escaping the line.
  • Dead Plants – A high concentration of gas in the air is harmful to plants. If you notice plants starting to die and have a gas line, there may be a leak.
  • Malfunctioning Appliances – When a leak or blockage is preventing appliances from getting enough fuel, their performance may be not as expected. For example, the flame on a gas stove may be yellow instead of blue if there is not enough gas.
  • Higher Energy Bills – If your gas bill is increasing without you using more gas, this could mean gas is leaking and you are paying for gas that you are not using.

If any of these issues seem to be severe, such as a very apparent hissing or clear rotten eggs, the leak may be dangerous and it is best to leave the property immediately before seeking emergency services.

Fortunately, gas line problems more often develop slowly over time. You can avoid having a more significant or dangerous problem with your gas piping system by staying aware of these signs and addressing them as quickly as possible.

Empire Plumbing is the right team to diagnose the underlying problem. Our inspections use a variety of techniques, from leak tests and pressure tests to visual inspections. Based on the challenges, we will determine the specific cause of the problem to begin making repairs on your gas line.

Our Process for NYC Gas Line Repair at Empire Plumbing at Your Commercial or Residential Property  

When you suspect there is a problem with your gas piping system, it can raise a lot of questions about severity of the issue, the cost, and any interruptions while service is shut off. If you need gas pipe repairs in response to a Local Law 152 inspection or a National Grid or ConEd gas violation, you may also be working under a deadline and concerned about penalties. 

Empire Plumbing is here to make the process of gas line repair, from the inspection to the final clean up and walkthrough, easy to manage with:

  • Initial Inspection – We use an initial assessment to determine what problems are occurring in your gas line.
  • Cost Estimate – We give you an upfront cost estimate for your repair, as well as a transparent estimate of approximately how much time it should take, including any service shut offs or other interruptions.
  • Permit Filing – If a gas line replacement requires any DOB permits, we handle the filing procedure to be sure we have everything we need before proceeding repair work. 
  • Repair Work – Our team begins the repair process and can often have it finished in as little as a few hours. Throughout the process, we will keep you updated and work as fast as possible without cutting any corners and missing anything important.

When we have finished our work, we clean up any equipment and go over the results of our repair to enable you to see that everything was completed to the highest possible standard. For our gas line repairs, we pride ourselves on high quality work that will deliver safe results that will meet building codes and continue to last through many years and inspections.

If we are unable to make a repair on a damaged gas, we can recommend a replacement or another solution that will be the most cost effective option for you.

Areas Where We Provide Gas Line Repair 

Empire Plumbing works with properties throughout NYC and is able to schedule services in all 5 boroughs, making us the leading company for:

  • Gas Line Repair in Brooklyn 
  • Gas Line Repair in Staten Island 
  • Gas Line Repair in Manhattan 
  • Gas Line Repair in the Bronx 
  • Gas Line Repair in Queens

In any of these areas, we can come to your neighborhood to provide services. We have experience working with both Consolidated Edison and National Grid to provide the necessary solution in the case of gas violation removals. 

In addition to working throughout NYC, we are also experienced in working with a wide variety of property types, including both residential and commercial properties. We know the specific requirements for different property types, including:

  • Single Family Homes 
  • Condos 
  • Co-Ops
  • Multifamily Residential Properties 
  • Commercial Properties 

We assist properties in a wide range of industries, including offices, schools, health care, retailers, restaurants, youth and group housing facilities, hospitality properties, and more. If you rely on natural gas at any of these properties or others, the services at Empire Plumbing can provide everything you need for a reliable gas piping system.

Why Call Empire Plumbing When You Need Gas Line Repair?

A gas line in good condition is essential for safety, affordable energy, and reliable heating power. This makes it extremely important to your property to know you are working with the right team who understands these specific concerns. 

At Empire Plumbing, we place our clients. We put our customers first and make meeting your needs our top priority, as well as providing affordable and efficient services. We are a licensed master plumber in NYC who is committed to the highest quality repairs and customer service with:

  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Services – As a licensed master plumber, we are authorized to complete work on gas lines and gas piping systems and can provide the added assurance that we manage all of our work in a way that protects our customers and our team.
  • Adherence to Building Codes – We are familiar with all of the DOB building codes and complete every repair or new installation in accordance with them so that you can trust your property is in compliance with regulations. 
  • Transparent and Competitive Pricing – Because we work quickly and provide quality results, we are able to keep our prices competitive and complete work within your budget.

In addition to gas line repair, Empire Plumbing Inc also provides a comprehensive list of additional plumbing services in NYC for commercial and residential properties, including gas pipe inspections, Local Law 152 inspections, gas line installation and replacement, as well as boiler services. This makes it possible to rely on Empire Plumbing for all of your different gas piping system needs.

Schedule a Gas Line Repair with Empire Plumbing 

Whether you are currently experiencing a problem with your gas line or have recently received results of an inspection, Empire Plumbing Inc is ready to assist with all of your various NYC gas line repair challenges. Start the process with a free quote for your repair and discuss the options that will be right for your property. Contact Empire Plumbing at (718)494-7301 to learn more and get the repairs that your property needs.

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