Gas Inspection NYC – With a Master Plumber at Empire Plumbing

Any property in NYC that uses gas for heat or to power appliances will at some point need a gas inspection by a qualified plumber. Local Law 152 requires the majority of properties in the city to undergo periodic inspections by a licensed master plumber. For other properties, an inspection can be necessary to diagnose issues with gas lines, prepare for the necessary repairs, and keep your property safe and functioning efficiently.

Empire Plumbing Inc is an NYC gas inspections specialist. We are a licensed master plumber that provides inspections for residential and commercial properties in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and beyond. Whether you need an inspection to comply with LL 152 or you suspect there might be a problem with your gas line, call Empire Plumbing at (718)494-7301. 

Our Services for Gas Inspection in NYC

Natural gas is generally extremely safe as an energy source, but improper installations, regular wear and age, physical damage, and other issues can result in leaks in the gas pipe system on your property. A leak of any size is a significant hazard that necessitates repairs as soon as possible, before a buildup of natural gas can lead to health concerns or an explosion.

This is why the NYC Department of Buildings has recently passed Local Law 152 requiring many properties in New York City to schedule a gas inspection once every four years. During this inspection, a licensed master plumber will visually inspect gas pipes and appliances to be sure they are functioning correctly.

There is also no reason to wait for an LL 152 inspection if you believe there is a problem with your gas pipes now. Single family homes and residential properties with only two dwellings are not subject to Local Law 152, but are still at risk of leaks. Our NYC gas inspections for homes can help determine if there are any problems with your gas at any time. 

Required NYC Gas Inspections with Local Law 152

Local Law 152 is a new requirement for properties with over two residential dwellings or 20 inhabitants and commercial properties. Those with a gas piping system must have their lines inspected once every four years, with a schedule based on your district number. Inspections are due by December 31 of your inspection year, and any repairs for issues discovered during the inspection must be completed within 120 days after the initial inspection. Failure to meet these requirements can require property owners to pay up to $10,000 in penalties.

At Empire Plumbing, our goal is to help property owners stay in compliance with this new law by making our inspections straightforward and affordable. We work with you to clarify the requirements and manage the entire inspection process from your initial call to the filing of the final paperwork so that you can be sure no detail is missed by our team.

How We Inspect Gas Lines in NYC

As a leading licensed master plumber in NYC, our gas pipe inspections are done by a team with extensive training and up to date technology. We are able to deliver an accurate report on any issues with gas pipes on your property, along with all the recommended repairs. Conducting an in depth inspection can include:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Pressure Testing
  • Gas Meter Inspections

If the gas inspection is for Local Law 152, we will file paperwork and certification within 30 days with the DOB to meet your testing requirements. For inspections in response to a leak, or if an LL 152 inspection reveals any damages, our full service team can make recommendations for the necessary repairs.

Why Choose Empire Plumbing Inc for Gas Inspections in NYC

Gas lines that are not functioning properly are a source of concern for your property. Empire Plumbing knows how important it is to have a licensed master plumber you can trust working on gas pipes. We treat your property like our own, and take care to ensure you feel safe in your home and protect your investment as a property owner. We are able to provide the best possible customer service and most reliable gas inspections in NYC through our:

  • Competitive Prices – From inspections to repairs, we keep our rates affordable with efficient work and our expert training.
  • Skilled Technicians – An effective inspection requires more than a visual survey. Our team is highly trained and can diagnose even hard to find damage to gas pipes.
  • Transparent Service – We provide a detailed assessment that outlines any issues, as well as upfront pricing, giving you the information to make the right choices for your gas system.

Empire Plumbing is also a full service licensed master plumber. If a NYC gas inspection ever turns up an issue, we can move quickly to the repairs that you need. This lets you immediately address any risks, avoid penalties for gas violations, and get gas service restored as soon as possible if it has been shut off by the utility company. We also offer gas pipe installation and replacement services.

Our services cover property types that rely on natural gas for heating, cooking, and other power through Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan.

Schedule Your NYC Gas Inspection from Empire Plumbing 

Empire Plumbing is an NYC gas inspector that is here for you with services that make sure your property is safe, in compliance with all local regulations, and can be maintained affordably. Call us today to schedule your Local Law 152 gas inspection before the end of the year or get us to your property fast if you have reason to suspect a gas leak.

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