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Residential and commercial properties in the boroughs around NYC, including Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn rely on several different utilities.

All these features together enable properties around NYC to be both safe and comfortable, but only when they are installed correctly and well maintained. In addition to your own needs as a property owner for keeping utility lines and appliances functioning and in good repair to protect the value of your property and the safety of those living and working there, different NYC organizations also impose a number of requirements on property owners.

To meet the regular inspections and building codes for plumbing, it is important to work with a NYC licensed master plumber for installation, repair, and maintenance of gas piping systems, boilers, and backflow prevention devices.

Empire Plumbing Inc is an NYC master plumber. Our team has the many years of training and experience necessary to earn the licensed master plumber certification, qualifying us to work on gas piping systems in NYC and the other complex plumbing problems that occur on local properties.

To our licensed plumber certification, we also add our own commitment to service with tailored expertise, attention to detail, and competitive pricing in order to provide the best master plumbing services in all of NYC. 

With our comprehensive master plumber services, we are the one company you can rely on for all of your plumbing needs. From the initial installation to all ongoing maintenance and inspections, Empire Plumbing Inc works with residential and commercial properties in NYC with a professional and reliable team that you will feel comfortable trusting with your property.

We look forward to learning more about your needs and how our NYC master plumbing services can help you. Call us at (718) 494-7301 or reach out through email to start the process with a free quote.

Gas Pipe Inspections and Gas Leak Repair

Natural gas is an extremely safe power source for commercial and residential properties and an affordable way to power appliances like boilers, water heaters, and stoves. But the safety and efficiency depends on the correct installation and regular maintenance throughout the life of your gas piping system, and a quick response if you notice any potential problems with the system.

Empire Plumbing Inc provides gas pipe inspections in NYC. Our inspections for gas piping systems meet the requirements for mandated inspections or can help confirm an issue if you have noticed signs of a problem. 

We use advanced technology and in-depth procedures during our inspection process to be sure that no potential hazards are missed. If we detect any problems during an inspection, our team will work with you to quickly coordinate the correct fix. This reduces any dangers when there is a problem with the system, and reduces time that your home or building will spend without natural gas service.

As with our inspections, all follow up gas pipe repairs are done in accordance with the procedures and codes mandated by the Department of Buildings, National Grid, and Consolidated Edison. This ensures your complete safety if you schedule an inspection after having noticed signs of a leak, such as:

Noticing any of these on your property is a good reason to contact Empire Plumbing as soon as possible so that we can identify the problem and get started on repairs.

Local Law 152 Inspections in NYC

Local Law 152 is a relatively new ordinance that mandates gas inspections for a number of properties in NYC. Our team at Empire Plumbing is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the requirements of LL 152 and providing affordable, timely inspections that meet all the requirements of this law.

The law requires the majority of residential and commercial properties that contain more than 2 residential units or more than 20 residents to receive an LL 152 inspection once every four years on the schedule laid out by the DOB. A licensed master plumber must be the one to conduct and sign off on the inspection at your property. An LMP will also need to manage any necessary repairs identified during the inspection process. 

When you work with Empire Plumbing for a gas piping system inspection, we make sure to complete our inspection reports in a timely manner to help you meet all the timelines for Local Law 152 and avoid fines. This is an important consideration since the penalty for missing an LL 152 inspection deadline can be up to $10,000.

Who Needs a LL 152 Inspection?

The rules for LL 152 inspections apply to all properties that have an active natural gas line and are not zoned with an R-3 occupancy classification. Therefore, buildings that will need an inspection include:

  • Those with more than two residential units.
  • More than 20 residents in the case of a group housing situation. 
  • All commercial properties.

Any property that meets these requirements and uses a gas piping system must schedule an LL 152 inspection. 

These inspections take place once every four years on a schedule determined by the community district in your borough in which your property is located. The current schedule is as follows:

  • January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024 – Districts 1, 3, and 10.
  • January 1, 2025 to December 31, 2025 – Districts 2, 5, 7, 13, and 18.
  • January 1, 2026 to December 31, 2026 – Districts 4, 6, 8, 9, and 16.
  • January 1, 2027 to December 31, 2027 – Districts 11, 12, 14, 15, and 17.

This schedule applies to all five boroughs and you can determine which community district your property is located in within your borough with this tool.

How Our LL 152 Inspection Process Works

Our Local Law 152 inspection process follows the guidelines outlined by the DOB, as well as the associated timeline. 

Our first step is a visual inspection, during which we will look over all of the externally visible pipes on the property ranging from the gas meter to the edge of any tenant spaces. During the visual inspection, we are looking for gas piping installations that are authorized and up to code, including using the correct materials and gauges to safely transport natural gas. We also look for any visible signs of damage to pipes such as cracks and rusting.

In addition to the visual inspection, we will perform a pressure test to check to identify any gas leaks and inspect the gas meter.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes to complete, so you can expect only the most minimal interruption to your day.

When the inspection is complete, we provide:

  • Gas Ping System Period Inspection Report – This report explains all of the issues we noticed that you will need to address before your Local Law 152 inspection process is complete. 
  • Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Certification – You will submit this form to the DOB within 60 days of your inspection. This document certifies that we, as an LMP in NYC, completed your inspection. It also clarifies how many days, whether 120 or 180, that you have to correct issues.

The majority of our clients complete the inspection without needing any additional work, but if there are leaks or damage, we will next discuss your repair options. We explain which elements of your system will need to be repaired, the process we will use, and the cost estimate to help you make a decision.

We will conduct the repairs to bring your system up to code and complete a final inspection to ensure that your gas piping system meets every standard. At this point, you can turn in your final certification to the DOB confirming that there are no additional problems or repairs to be made.

Gas Violation Removal in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island

A National Grid or Consolidated Eidson gas violation in Manhattan, Staten Island, or Brooklyn will leave you without natural gas until you can have a licensed master plumber address the reason for the violation.

Empire Plumbing Inc understands how inconvenient a ConEd or National Grid gas violation can be in addition to concerns about cost for inspections, repairs, and any necessary fines. We use a streamlined process to restore your gas in NYC as quickly as possible with the least amount of inconvenience to you or your tenants.

Our process involves first understanding the reason for the violation, which can include:

  • A Gas Leak – Because of the risks of a gas leak, when the utility company is alerted to a leak at your property, they issue a service shut off until you can hire a plumber to fix the leak. 
  • Other Damage to the System – Some damages that can put your gas system at risk for a leak can also yield a violation. Like a leak, the cause of these damages needs to be repaired to remove the violation.
  • Improper Installation – A gas piping system that uses the wrong connections, materials, pipe gauges, or in any other way does not meet NYC building codes is subject to violation.
  • Unauthorized Installation – If a gas piping system on your property taps into the gas main without a metered connection, we can install an authorized gas pipe as an LMP. 

Our team determines the cause of the violation, and then we will lay out the potential solutions for bringing your gas pipe system up to code, whether that involves repairs, system replacement, or a new installation. We want to help you get your gas turned back on in NYC at the best possible price. We also provide a clear outline of our service costs for that purpose.

Once we have a planned fix, our team handles the project from start to finish, including assisting you in filing any necessary permits with the DOB and communicating with the utility. With our rapid work, we can often have repairs done within a matter of hours, and many other gas violation removals completed within a day, although we will always let you know what to expect before we begin work.

We complete our work in line with the most stringent of the DOB codes and our own focus on high quality and long lasting results to help you avoid further gas violations in the future. 

When work is complete, we can provide any necessary paperwork or certifications that the utility requires. to have your gas service turned back on and settle any necessary fines or payments. 

For a gas violation in NYC, the removal process can be frustrating, especially when you are dealing with work in an older building done by a previous owner or tenant. Empire Plumbing uses rapid and dependable work, and a full understanding of the rules and regulations surrounding gas usage in NYC, to provide gas violation removal that is entirely based on our customer’s needs.

Gas Line Installation and Replacement Services 

Any gas piping service in NYC that involves installing new gas piping or moving an existing pipe requires an experienced LMP to complete. Our gas pipe installation or replacement services at Empire Plumbing are designed to meet the needs of residential and commercial properties.

We can assist the homeowners and property owners with switching to natural gas at an existing property with solutions for installing a gas piping system and connecting appliances. Our services are also ideal for remodels, additions, or any other situation at your home or business where you will be moving gas appliances and need to run your gas piping system to a new location. Our gas replacement services in NYC are also the top way to safely improve a system where repairs will be insufficient or are unnecessarily expensive. 

Because we are experienced in a range of gas piping systems and work with a variety of customers, we can provide installation and repair services that will meet your needs at a single family home, business, co-op, condo, other living situation, or other commercial property.

Our process for gas pipe installation and replacement includes everything necessary to manage the entire process. You can expect us to:

  • Discuss Your Project Needs – Whether you are considering a remodel, replacement, or another gas piping system alteration, we will go over your plans to be sure we can provide the exact services you need.
  • Initial Inspection – We do an initial inspection at the beginning to determine the condition, if applicable, of existing gas mains and pipes to see what will need to be added or adjusted.
  • Price Estimate – We share with you expected work, timelines, and the cost estimate for transparency before we begin the project.
  • Submit the Building Permits – Before we physically begin work, we submit any necessary paperwork to the Department of Buildings with the project information.
  • Pipe Installation – Finally, we perform all the work to install pipes, making sure that every step is done to code while also keeping the entire process efficient. If necessary, we can work with contractors involved in your remodel to coordinate timelines to make sure the project is finished on time.
  • Install Appliances – We install or replace gas powered appliances, hooking them up for maximum efficiency and safety.

Installing a new gas line or replacing an old one is an investment, but one that can often be beneficial for properties in NYC. Our work at Empire Plumbing Inc provides fast and cost-effective service with long lasting results. This saves you money and time initially, as well as provides the advantage of long term savings for heating and running gas powered appliances. 

Because we also want you to have the best deal and experience, we strive at every step of the process to be sure that we are providing the most affordable services and can recommend cost saving options where possible.

Additional Licensed Master Plumbing Services We Offer

As an NYC licensed master plumber, gas pipe inspections, repairs, replacements, and other related services are only a few of the ways we can help you with the efficiency, safety, and comfort of your building, while also meeting local NYC requirements. 

Boiler Inspection, Repair, and Installation

For the many properties in NYC that rely on boiler heat to get through the winter, our boiler services at Empire Plumbing have everything you need to keep your boiler in good repair and in compliance with DOB rules.

We perform BO-9 boiler inspections in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and more. These NYC boiler inspections are an annual requirement for:

  • Multi-family residential properties with six or units.
  • Properties with single room occupancy dwellings.
  • Mixed-use buildings.
  • Commercial buildings.
  • Any building with an H-step electric water heater that rates at over 350,000 BTUs, regardless of building type. 

We are trained in inspection of high pressure and low pressure boilers, as well as both electric and gas powered boilers. During the inspection, we will survey your boiler room, including the boiler itself, connection points, thermostats, and any other equipment, to check that everything is functioning correctly.

If present, we will explain any defects. We will also provide everything you need to file the BO-9 inspection report with the NYC DOB, certifying that the inspection was completed. Building owners must have this report filed within 14 days of the inspection, so it is important for us to work quickly with you to be sure that you are not at risk for missing any deadlines.

We can also work quickly to coordinate boiler repair in NYC if necessary, completing these within the requisite timeline since penalties for late inspections can be pricey, ranging from $50 a month to up to a $1,000 civil penalty per boiler.

Our team can handle boiler repairs outside of standard inspections as well for both residential and commercial properties. If you notice any signs of a boiler problem on your own such as:

  • Lack of Heat
  • Unusual Clanking, Banging, Rattling, or Squealing 
  • Strange Smells 
  • Change in Pressure 

For these or any additional problems that lead to your boiler not functioning as efficiently as it should, our expert training to diagnose the problem so that we can get heat restored to your property as quickly as possible.

We can also replace or install a new boiler. This can help you achieve more efficient and reliable heating. Whether you are upgrading from an aging unit or installing a boiler, we will work with you to determine the necessary capacity and power source before we go through the installation and setup process.

Backflow Prevention Device Inspection and Repair

The Department of Environmental Protection mandates a backflow prevention device, also known as an RPZ device, at a variety of commercial properties throughout NYC. 

An RPZ device, installed at the connection point to the water main, works when there is a disruption to the water main that could cause water on your property to flow back towards the supply. This prevents the city’s water supply from taking in any harmful contaminants that may enter the water on your property such as toxins, detergents, waste products, and more.

Our backflow prevention device installation and inspections services are available for all of your specific needs with RPZ devices at your property, all in accordance with DEP guidelines. This includes services for:

  • Annual RPZ Device Inspection – Empire Plumbing is a certified tester for backflow prevention devices. We can perform your annual RPZ device inspection in NYC and assist you in filing a report with the DEPRESSION. Our accurate and timely backflow prevention device inspection can ensure that you avoid the $500 penalty for any missed inspections.
  • RPZ Device Repair – If there is a problem with your backflow prevention device – determined either during inspection or independently – we can provide some of the most affordable repair services with work that meets all of the requirements set forth by the DEP.
  • RPZ Device Installation  – We can also install backflow prevention devices at those properties that require them. Our team can provide whatever specific assistance you need in this process from determining the type of device that is right for your property to complete the installation process.

Our backflow prevention device services in NYC work for every type of local business, and our past clients have included schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, supermarkets, dry cleaners, laundries, car washes, pools, and others. 

We can also use our insight to help you determine whether a backflow prevention device is a necessity at your property.

Water Meter Repair and Installation Services 

At Empire Plumbing Inc, we also offer water meter installation and water meter repair in NYC. A water meter is a requirement for all local properties, but our expertise will ensure that your water meter is reliable and efficient for accurate reporting of your water usage so that you are only paying the DEP for the water you use. We can also install sub meters at multi-family properties. 

Our water meter repair can assist with any malfunctions that cause incorrect tracking of your water usage. We also offer code violation removal if your water meter has been cited for incorrect functioning.

Areas We Serve at Empire Plumbing

Our team at Empire Plumbing Inc is based in NYC. By focusing our services in the five boroughs, we are able to provide plumbing repair, installation, and inspection that meets all of the local requirements. With our specialized knowledge, we can help you navigate NYC building codes, local laws, requirements from ConEd and National Grid, and other regulations to ensure that you are always in compliance.

We stay up to date with all of the expectations for properties throughout NYC and bring our own local knowledge, earned through years of working with properties in the individual boroughs, to guarantee that we can always provide superior services and results.

Our primary service areas include:

In each of these boroughs, we service properties in every neighborhood, enabling you to get fast and tailored service for any of your plumbing needs wherever you are based in NYC.

Types of Properties We Support

Our extensive range of plumbing services and our capabilities as an NYC licensed master plumber make Empire Plumbing Inc able to meet the needs of the majority of properties in NYC when it comes to gas piping systems, boilers backflow prevention, and fire suppression systems.

We adapt our individual services to the wide variety of properties in NYC to deliver results that are right for your needs, specific regulations for your property, and your budget. We specifically offer services for:

  • Multi-Family Residential Properties – Working with co-ops, condos, apartments, group homes, and family homes that have been converted to multiple units we can provide the necessary gas pipe in system services, boiler services, and more to keep your property compliant with local and utility regulations and keep your tenants happy.
  • Single Family Homes – When you are remodeling or have noticed a gas leak, Empire Plumbing has fast services that let us help make your home convenient, efficient, and safe for your family.
  • Commercial Properties – From retail to offices to institutional facilities, our plumbing services are flexible to work around your operations, keeping everything functional and up to date.
  • Mixed Use Properties – With our knowledge, we can help you determine the requirements for a mixed use property in terms of plumbing and follow through to make sure that your property has everything it needs

Whether you have a service that you need to have completed or want more information on what is required for your property type, contact Empire Plumbing Inc to take advantage of our extensive plumbing expertise.

What Makes Empire Plumbing the Leading Licensed Master Plumber in NYC?

The plumbing in any property is essential to the comfort and functioning of a business, office, or residence. But the plumbing systems we specialize in at Empire Plumbing are also essential to safety. Natural gas, boiler systems, and clean water are all necessities with consequences ranging from property damage to injury if something goes wrong.

Yet we know that maintaining plumbing systems around your home or commercial property, including following through on mandated inspections, can be an inconvenience and often comes with worries costs, violations, and time consuming repairs.

Our top priorities at Empire Plumbing are safety and also providing a service that is as convenient as possible. Our years of training, expertise, and attention to detail all serve as the foundation of what makes it possible for us to promote safety and services that you will be able to rely on for many years.

At the same time, we also offer exemplary customer service to make the process of inspection, repairs, installation, or any additional plumbing work as straightforward as possible for property managers and property owners. When you work with Empire Plumbing as your LMP in NYC, we can promise:

  • Fast and Responsive Service – Empire Plumbing has fast scheduling availability and a team that arrives on time and follows through the entire process with that same focus on rapid service.
  • Professional and Friendly Team – Each member of the Empire Plumbing team is able to answer your questions and ready to work with you to meet all of your needs.
  • Affordable Master Plumbing Services in NYC – We provide transparent, upfront pricing for service without any surprises.

We also strive to go beyond what you expect from your local plumber, whether that is with reminders to schedule upcoming inspections, personalized insight into services that may be necessary for your property, or ideas for cost savings. We are the licensed master plumber that you can trust to protect your investment in your NYC property.

Why Use an LMP for Your Plumbing Needs?

There are some plumbing jobs that any plumber can do, or that you may even be able to do yourself if you are handy. But when it comes to systems that are unsafe if not maintained, you will need a licensed master plumber. For any project that includes installations, repairs, or inspections of a gas piping system, the Department of Buildings requires a licensed master plumber to do the work. Other plumbing systems have similar requirements.

But a licensed master plumber also has certain qualifications that make them best suited for the job. For instance, master plumbers in NYC undergo a combination of education, training, and on the job experience before they qualify as an LMP.  This means that we have all the necessary knowledge to complete the job safely. Many of the most common problems with plumbing systems in NYC are a result of work by unlicensed personnel. 

At Empire Plumbing, all work is performed by one of our licensed master plumbers or under the supervision of one.

Get Started with Our Expert Services – Contact Empire Plumbing NYC Today

Empire Plumbing Inc is the NYC master plumber for Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan that you can turn to for any plumbing needs. From completing inspections to avoid penalties to a fast repair when you notice issues to new installation to help you take advantage of most up to date and efficient utility equipment, Empire Plumbing is your best choice for a master plumber in NYC.

Call us today at 718-494-3701 to get more information on any of our various services, set up a plumbing appointment at your property, and get started with a free price estimate for your plumbing services.

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