Gas Leak Repair in NYC with Empire Plumbing

A gas leak is an unseen danger at NYC properties. Just a small amount of gas or carbon monoxide can result in illness. A significant leak can be extremely dangerous. Whether you have noticed a gas leak on your own or the Department of Buildings is requiring you to repair a leak, you will need an experienced plumber.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a licensed master plumber in NYC that offers gas leak repair. We are the safe and effective way to deal with a leaking gas pipe and protect those living in your property and the building itself from damage and penalties. When you need help with a leak, contact us immediately at (718)494-7301.

Why Call Empire Plumbing If You Suspect a Gas Leak

A licensed master plumber is a must when doing any work on gas lines, but Empire Plumbing Inc goes beyond the basic knowledge. We also provide service that is:

  • Affordable – Our services are available at competitive rates that fit within our customers’ budgets.
  • Friendly – A gas leak can be an alarming situation, but we are there to reassure you with professional and dependable service.
  • Fast – Since gas leak repair is a safety measure and any repair work can interrupt your routine, we work quickly without cutting corners.

We are capable of repairing everything from a small leak at your residence to a large problem at any property.  This is because we take the time to understand your situation and adapt our services in order to best meet your needs.

How We Repair Gas Leaks in NYC Properties

A gas leak is invisible. It starts when pipes become old or cracked or connections between the gas main, lateral pipes, or appliances deteriorate. NYC gas has an odorous component that smells like rotten eggs added to make it easier to detect. This is how most of our clients first notice a gas leak.

Other signs include headaches, nausea, and burning eyes for people on the premises. A small but ongoing leak may also cause house plants in the vicinity to start dying. If you have noticed any of these signs, our gas leak detection can pinpoint where the leak is occurring and where we need to make repairs.

Gas leak repair might also be required after a DOB inspection reveals gas in the air, which will often result in a violation as well. We use the violation and our own inspection to confirm what work we need to complete.

  • Filing Permits – The DOB requires permits for most gas line work. We submit these before we get started to keep everything to code.
  • Repair or Repipe Gas Pipes – With permits in hand, we conduct any repair work or, in more extreme situations, repipe the gas system. We will always opt for the most affordable and safest options.
  • Testing – We conduct final testing to make sure the leak is gone and all systems are functioning correctly.

Once we are certain the gas pipe is leak-free and working as expected again, we can request that ConEd or National Grid turns your gas service back on and you can return to heating, cooling, and powering your property as normal. If there was a violation issued, we can also submit the necessary paperwork to the DOB for gas violation removal.

Our Service Map

We are an NYC-based company that works with property owners and property managers in the city’s boroughs and neighborhoods. Our primary service area includes:

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Staten Island

Within these boroughs, we work with all property types. Homes, businesses, apartments, and offices in NYC run on gas power and can be faced with a gas leak. If it happens to you, Empire Plumbing can deliver the right solution for your particular property.

Contact Empire Plumbing for Rapid Gas Leak Repair

A gas leak in your home or business is a safety concern and a hassle for you as a property owner. After taking care of any necessary emergency steps such as evacuation and turning the gas off, contact Empire Plumbing at (718)494-7301 to get started on repairs.

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