Backflow Prevention and Water Meter Services at NYC Properties with Empire Plumbing Inc

The Department of Environmental Protection supplies water to residential and commercial properties in NYC. In order to keep that water supply safe for drinking, the DEP has strict requirements for the installation, testing, and maintenance of water meters and backflow prevention where your property’s plumbing system connects to the water main.

Empire Plumbing Inc is your best choice for a licensed master plumber in NYC. We are experts in all of the DEP regulations and offer the comprehensive services your home or business needs to help you meet them. Our water meter service and backflow prevention service keeps your property environmentally friendly and in compliance, all with the support of our friendly and affordable plumbing specialists. Call us today at (718)494-7301 to schedule an evaluation and get a quote.

Why Choose Empire Plumbing Inc as Your Licensed Master Plumber in NYC

You have many choices for licensed master plumbers for the water meter and backflow prevention services. Our team sets Empire Plumbing apart by offering expert service from professional, personable plumbing specialists. Working with us, you will feel confident that your property is in good hands. You can depend on Empire Plumbing for:

  • Local Knowledge – Empire Plumbing has years of experience working with properties in Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, as well as experience managing DEP requirements and NYC building codes.
  • Competitive Prices – Our training and knowledge enables us to work efficiently and without mistakes, saving us on costs. We pass these cost savings onto our customers for some of the most affordable rates in NYC.
  • Fast and Reliable Service – We start by using flexible scheduling to get to your property fast. Once there, we work quickly as well to minimize water shutoff time and get your property back to full functionality as soon as possible.

We know that meeting building requirements can involve time and effort on your part, and we want to make compliance with DEP regulations as simple as we can. We navigate you through any requirements with our years of experience while keeping our services and pricing transparent.

DEP Services at Empire Plumbing

The NYC DEP mandates the use of backflow prevention devices and water meters on local properties. These two devices help protect your home or business property and the city’s water supply, so it is important to have them installed and working to avoid penalties.

As a licensed master plumber, Empire Plumbing is qualified to complete any work around your property related to backflow prevention or your water meter. We provide installation, repair, replacement, violation removal, and any other DEP services you may need for water supply at your property.

Backflow Prevention Device Installation

Plumbing is designed to keep water flowing from the water main into the property, using pressure to prevent backflow. But a water main issue, use of a nearby fire hydrant, or other problem can cause that pressure to drop and water can flow from your property back into the city water supply. Depending on your property, this can contaminate city water with biological waste or chemicals.

A backflow prevention device keeps water moving in the correct direction even if the pressure changes. An RPZ, or a reduced pressure zone device, is the most common type of backflow prevention device used at NYC properties. 

A Professional Engineer or Registered Architect must first submit a plan for the installation of an RPZ to the DEP. Once you have an approved plan, Empire Plumbing will install the RPZ. We use high quality parts and detail oriented service to guarantee an accurate installation.

Annual Prevention Backflow Device Testing

At properties where a backflow prevention device must be installed, the DEP requires annual testing to make sure the device is still functioning properly. Failure to complete the test and file a report with the DEP can result in a $500 penalty for each untested device.

We offer RPZ valve testing in compliance with the DEP rules for any property with a backflow prevention device. As a certified tester, we can complete the test and submit the Report on Test and Maintenance of Backflow Prevention to the DEP. 

Water Meter Installation and Repair

The DEP requires all properties in NYC to have an approved water meter for management and billing. But installing a high quality water meter at your property can also save you money by accurately tracking your water usage.

We install or replace water meters at homes, apartments, and commercial properties, strictly following NYC building codes and DEP regulations to prevent any future issues with your water meter. We also offer sub meter installation for multifamily residential or multi-tenant commercial buildings.

Our other water meter services in NYC include repair of malfunctioning meters and code violation removal if you have received an Inspector Warning Notice due to an issue with your water meter and plumbing.

Properties and Neighborhoods Where We Work

We provide NYC DEP plumbing services at residential and commercial properties in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Our goal is to keep your family safe and comfortable at your home, and ensure businesses are operating efficiently and in compliance with NYC codes.

We work with individual homeowners for water meter installation and repair and backflow prevention if you have an RPZ device installed. For many commercial properties, an RPZ device is required, as is annual testing. These properties include, but are not limited to:

  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens
  • Schools
  • Laundries and Dry Cleaners
  • Properties with In-Ground Sprinklers
  • Properties with Swimming Pools
  • Dwellings with Treated Water Boilers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Beauty Salons, and More

Using our knowledge of DEP codes, we can also help you determine if your property type requires backflow prevention devices and testing. We can then guide you to the right decisions for your property and budget with as little inconvenience as possible.

Contact Empire Plumbing to Get Started

Empire Plumbing Inc is the NYC licensed master plumber you can trust whenever you need to install new equipment, troubleshoot a problem with existing devices, complete annual testing, and other responsibilities. Schedule a visit from our experienced technicians today and start the process for any DEP related plumbing needs with a quote.

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