ConEd and National Grid Gas Pipe Services in NYC

National Grid is the natural gas provider for properties in Brooklyn and Staten Island. For Manhattan, you will be receiving your gas from Consolidated Edison. Both of these utilities, and the NYC Department of Buildings has strict requirements to ensure the safety of gas pipe systems in NYC

Empire Plumbing Inc is an NYC licensed master plumber that can help you meet any requirements from utility companies or the DOB, make repairs, and keep your gas lines functioning efficiently and cost effectively. For any work related to ConEd or National Grid, call Empire Plumbing at (718)494-7301 for a quote.

Why Choose Empire Plumbing Inc for Gas Line Work

Any work on gas pipe systems in NYC requires the expertise of a licensed master plumber. Empire Plumbing has this certification, as well as the extensive training and experience to provide gas pipe solutions for any problem or property.

We also go beyond the superior service quality by also providing:

  • Easy Process – We can take care of any paperwork, permits, and communications with National Grid, ConEd, or the DOB so that you can focus on more important things.
  • Dependable Service – Our work is done to a high standard with quality you can depend on for years that meets all regulatory requirements.
  • Affordable Rates – We make it possible to maintain gas pipe systems within your budget with reasonable rates and upfront pricing on repairs and service.

When working with a gas utility company in NYC, Empire Plumbing is your partner. We know how to navigate the repair process and any red tape that stands in the way of getting your gas service restored. Our experience and dedication to customer service enables us to meet all standards and requirements in a timely manner, satisfying gas companies, the DOB, and our customers.

Our Gas Pipe Services 

ConEd and National Grid require all properties they supply to have gas pipe systems in good condition with approved installations and working meters. When wear and tear, emergency leaks, or previously unsanctioned work on your property’s gas lines requires a fix, we can provide:

We also conduct gas line inspections for Local Law 152. The DOB requires these inspections to be completed once every 4 years at the majority of NYC commercial and multifamily residential properties whether your gas provider is ConEd or National Grid. We can complete the inspection and follow up with any necessary repairs within the timeline for your district.

Contact Empire Plumbing for Assistance with National Grid or ConEd at Your Property

When you have an interruption to your gas service from National Grid or ConEd or any other issue with your gas utility, Empire Plumbing can determine the problem and fix it quickly. Call us at (718)494-7301 to get an estimate for gas utility repair and restoration services.

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