Gas Pipe System Repair in NYC with Empire Plumbing

A damaged gas pipe system in an NYC property is not a problem that can be ignored. Small problems will only get worse, requiring costly repairs. Large problems can lead to harmful leaks or even explosions. Whenever there is a leaking gas line or corroded pipe on your property – whether you notice the problem yourself or a Licensed Master Plumber finds it during a Local Law 152 inspection – you will need a professional repair company.

Empire Plumbing is a gas pipe system repair company in Manhattan that offers reliable gas pipe repair to keep your property safe and in compliance with DOB rules. Learn more about our services for gas line repair and inspection when you call us at 718.494.7301.

What Makes Empire Plumbing Manhattan’s Top Gas Line Repair Company

We are NYC’s leading gas line repair company. As a Licensed Master Plumber, we are experienced in NYC’s Local Law 152 for period gas pipe system inspections and any subsequent repairs, but we are also here for you any time you have damaged or leaking pipes on your property. We provide:

  • Efficient Repair Solutions – Repairing gas lines quickly is important for safety and LL 152. We complete many of our repair jobs in a day to get your line functioning again.
  • Competitive Rates – We focus on providing affordable service in order to fit repairs into your budget.
  • Friendly Service – Our plumbers are glad to answer questions and address concerns with transparency.

In addition to residential and commercial properties in Manhattan, we also provide gas pipe repairs in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and other local neighborhoods. 

Repair Services for Local Law 152

The NYC Department of Buildings passed Local Law 152 in 2016, and 2020 was the first year that it impacted NYC property owners. This rule requires periodic inspections of gas pipe systems once every 4 years in residential and commercial properties with more than 2 dwelling units or 20 residents. The inspections must be completed by a Licensed Master Plumber like Empire Plumbing.

Rarely, these inspections will reveal leaks or corroded pipes that need to be repaired to avoid safety concerns. Of all the inspections we perform for LL 152 at Empire Plumbing, we only discover a gas pipe leak in approximately 1% of properties.

Yet when a LL 152 report notes a problem, repairs are necessary. From the date of your inspection, you have 120 days to complete any repairs outlined in the plumber’s report, unless an extension is requested. An extension allows for 180 days.

Empire Plumbing provides repairs for all the issues on a Local Law 152 report. Our customers will often use our inspection and repair services, but we can also provide repairs if another plumber conducted your inspection. We know time is important in order to comply with the law and we work quickly to have all repairs completed before your deadline.

When repairs noted in the initial LL 152 inspection are complete, we can conduct a secondary inspection and provide a certification for you to submit to the DOB.

Gas Pipe Problems We Repair at Empire Plumbing

Issues with gas pipe systems may be determined from a Local Law 152 inspection or an inspection you chose to have performed on your own. The types of damages often fall into a few categories. Some of these issues we most often correct to keep gas pipe systems safe and efficient include:

  • Leaking Pipes – A gas leak is the most frequent problem with lines and most often happens at connection points or from damaged pipes.
  • Damaged Vents – Vents that are not removing harmful byproducts of natural gas can leave dangerous gases trapped inside.
  • Corroded Pipes – Aging pipes or those exposed to corrosive materials become weak and are more likely to leak in the near future.
  • Improperly Installed Connections – A gas appliance or connection to the gas main that was not installed by a professional may be incorrectly placed.
  • Illegal Connections – Properties that are tapping into gas mains illegally are in violation and at risk. We can set up connections that are up to code.

As Licensed Master Plumbers, we have the experience and training to repair any issue that impacts your piping system and these are only a few of the problems we can fix. If gas lines are damaged beyond repair, we also have solutions for replacement. We always opt for repair when possible since it is faster, more affordable, and less invasive, but can 

When to Call Empire Plumbing for Gas Pipe Repair

With Local Law 152 in place, many of the repairs we manage are to fix problems noted during the periodic inspections. Other properties receiving regular annual inspections may require repairs from time to time as pipes age. In the majority of cases, these repairs are more preventative in nature and we perform them after we or another Licensed Master Plumber notes the problems in an LL 152 inspection.

Other times, a problem with a gas pipe system can be an emergency. If you notice a rotten egg smell and suspect a leak, you should call Empire Plumbing immediately. You should also leave the property and avoid using any appliances or electronics until the leak is fixed. Because of the dangers involved with leaking natural gas, you should rely on a Licensed Master Plumber for repairs and never attempt a repair yourself.

Get Started – Contact Us for Gas Pipe System Repair in NYC

From repair to comply with Local Law 152 to fixes for a damaged gas line, Empire Plumbing is a company you can trust for all your gas line services. Call us at 718.494.7301 to schedule an inspection so we can make a plan for repairs to your gas pipe system.

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