Gas Restoration in NYC with Empire Plumbing

Natural gas is clean burning, cost effective, and safe, but does come with risks if pipes are installed incorrectly or develop damage. Because of these risks, the NYC Department of Buildings and our local utility companies ConEd and National Grid will shut off gas if they suspect any issue with the lines. This is an inconvenient problem that requires a licensed master plumber to get your property back to full operation.

Gas service restoration in NYC requires a licensed master plumber. At Empire Plumbing Inc, we identify the issue and take whatever steps are needed to get your gas service restored. We are a full service plumbing company that can help with installation, repairs, and repiping, as well as work with the utility companies. Call us at (718)494-7301 for gas restoration at your property.

Why Choose Empire Plumbing for Gas Service Restoration in NYC

Empire Plumbing Inc is a local gas pipe system repair company with years of experience in restoring gas to Manhattan and Brooklyn properties after a violation or emergency. Working with our team, you will find personable and professional plumbers along with:

  • Licensed Master Plumber – This certification indicates that our team is legally capable of working on gas lines in NYC, and also ensures we have the training and experience that helps you feel comfortable with our work.
  • Rapid Services – When gas service is shutoff, getting it restored is essential since it can impact your heating and the functionality of appliances. Our skilled plumbers can pinpoint issues and finish repairs in a matter of hours in most cases.
  • Competitive Prices – Price is already a concern if you have a NYC gas pipe violation that usually comes with a fine. We use reliable work and efficient processes to keep our prices competitive so you can afford the best plumbing in the city.

We are a plumbing company that prioritizes your needs, and supports you in working with Consolidated Edison and National Grid. You can trust us to provide solutions that are affordable, efficient, and as convenient as possible for you.

Gas Service Shutoffs

Gas restoration is a necessity any time your gas service is turned off by a utility company or by a mandate from the NYC DOB. The shutoff can be due to a few different reasons, such as a leaking pipe or appliance, corrosion, improper venting, high CO concentration, unauthorized connection to the gas main, and other concerns. The DOB groups these issues into three categories based on their severity:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C

Classes A and B are the most serious of the classes and result in an immediate shutoff until a licensed master plumber can fix the issue. Empire Plumbing can work with any class of gas pipe issue and address all of the causes of a gas service shutoff in NYC.

How We Restore Gas Service to Your Home, Apartment, or Business

A suspension in gas service for any reason is an inconvenience that you need to fix as quickly as possible. We use an efficient process that lets us turn your gas back on fast with many repairs finished in less than a day.

When your gas service has been suspended, our process includes:

  • Understand Any Violations – If a gas pipe violation has been issued, we start by looking over the challenges to direct us on repairs.
  • Inspect the Property – We complete our own piping system inspection as well to confirm any damage or trouble areas. Once this is complete, we can provide you an estimate on repairs.
  • Get Permits – Any work on gas pipes in NYC requires permits. We secure these permits from the DOB before we begin work.
  • Make Repairs – We go through and repair any damage or breakage. We test to confirm the system is working properly.
  • File Paperwork – When we know the gas pipe system is fixed, we file the necessary paperwork with the DOB to have any violations removed.

The final step we take is to contact ConEd or National Grid on your behalf and get your gas service turned back on. We only consider the job complete when we know your gas is restored and your pipes and appliances are functioning as they should.

Client Properties We Work With

Empire Plumbing can restore gas at any property where service has been interrupted. We support homeowners, property managers, building supers, and anyone else with a property to manage, all with tailored services that are designed around the specific needs of:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Offices
  • Businesses, and More

We provide plumbing services in NYC and regularly work in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Our experience includes years of working in neighborhoods like Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Upper West Side, Tribeca, and the East Village means that we have specialized knowledge of local buildings, piping styles, and construction codes. We also have experience in working with utility company representatives that serve this area and know how to fasttrack your gas service restoration.

Get Your Gas Service Restored Today

Every moment you spend without gas service is a headache for you, your tenants, or your family. Let us fix your plumbing problems and deal with the gas companies to restore gas service at your property in NYC. Reach out to our team at (718)494-7301 to get started.

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