Master Plumber for Local Law 152 Extensions

Since 2020, Local Law 152 has required NYC property owners who have an active gas piping system on their property to schedule inspections on a rotating, 4 year schedule. As of March 2022, the DOB has made scheduling inspections slightly more flexible with the possibility to request a 180-day extension on the deadline for completing your inspection and filing the necessary paperwork.

For Local Law 152 extension services, Empire Plumbing, Inc is the leading NYC licensed master plumber. With our gas inspection services for Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and throughout NYC, we can complete Local Law 152 requirements within extension deadlines, all with a responsive team and competitive pricing. Contact us at (718)494-7301 to get a quote and schedule a visit for your inspection.

LL152 Extension Services at Empire Plumbing

The initial deadline for Local Law 152 inspections is December 31 of whichever year your Community District is scheduled in. For example, in 2023, Community Districts 11, 12, 14, 15, and 17 will had their inspection due by December 31, 2023. This is the last year in the 4 year cycle. In 2024, the first community districts to have their inspections will once again be due.

However, the city passed a law in 2022 allowing all property owners to request a single extension of 180 days to their LL 152 deadline for extra time to schedule and inspection and finish the paperwork submission process.

Property owners can request their extension online through the Department of Building website. Once you have filed your request, you can contact Empire Plumbing for the following services:

  • LL152 Inspections – We will conduct the inspection that is required by the deadline in accordance with LL152 regulations. The inspection covers all exposed piping from the gas meter to the start of tenant spaces, however we do not need to go into tenant spaces. During this inspection, we are looking for any damage or corroded pipes, leaks, or unauthorized gas piping system installations.
  • Report and Certification – After the inspection, we will provide you with a report of any issues that we discover in the rare case that we identified a problem. We will also provide you with the certification form that you will need to file with the DOB to prove that your inspection was completed.
  • Local Law 152 Repairs – If problems are discovered during a Local Law 152 inspection, you must complete the repairs to bring your system up to code. As experienced plumbers, we can provide fast and effective repairs so that your system satisfies any requirements from the DOB and the utility.
  • Local Law 152 Violations – If you have missed your deadline for a Local Law 152 inspection either during the initial inspection perior or after filing for an extension, we can complete the inspection as required.

Failing to complete your inspection by the end of your 180 day extension period, you could be liable for up to a $5,000 fine, making it important to remain aware of all deadlines and schedule your visit from our team as soon as possible.

Why Choose Empire Plumbing for Local Law 152 Extension Services

Buildings with any code except an R-3 occupancy code in NYC are required to schedule their Local Law 152 inspections during the initial inspection period or request an extension. At Empire Plumbing, we want to make this process as easy as possible for property owners, property managers, and building supers. We do this through:

  • Rapid Work – We offer flexible scheduling and, once on site, complete your inspection quickly without any service interruptions. This makes it easy to stay within the timeline of your inspection extension while also making the inspection itself as convenient as possible.
  • Full Service – While we rarely find issues with our clients’ gas piping systems, if we do, we offer gas piping system repair as well so you can get all your repairs done with one team.
  • Competitively Priced – The costs for our Local Law 152 extension inspections and the price of repairs are competitive to help you can stay within a reasonable budget while also avoiding any costly fines from failure to comply with Local Law 152.

Empire Plumbing works with all of the different property types that could request an LL 152 extension, including multi family residential buildings, commercial buildings, and multi use buildings that have a gas piping system that is currently supplied by the utility.

Schedule a Local Law 152 Extension Inspection with Empire Plumbing Inc

For property owners who have already requested their extension or those who are wondering if an extension might be the best option, Empire Plumbing can help with LL152 extension services. We can provide information to make it possible to decide when you should schedule your inspection and repairs if necessary on a timeline that will help you avoid any penalties while still completing your requirements as easily as possible. Call our team at (718)494-7301 to learn more.

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