2024 Guide to Local Law 152

As building owners around NYC are returning their full time focus to work and property management in 2023 it is time to begin thinking about inspection requirements for Local Law 152. 2024 marks the fifth round of LL 152 inspections, requiring all properties in NYC with natural gas to have their gas piping system inspected by a Licensed Master Plumber every four years based on the schedule outlined by the law.

With the fifth year of inspections, nearly all property owners have now received an LL 152 inspection, which means this year represents the first time that property owners will have to repeat their Local Law 152 inspection. Most, by now, have a better understanding of the requirements of this new rule, although many still have questions.

Our 2024 LL 152 guide goes in depth on what is expected from New York City properties in regards to Local Law 152 this year. We will go over what Local Law 152 is, what properties are included in this year’s inspection cycle, and what to know if you missed the 2023 inspection deadline. If you need someone to provide an LL 152 gas inspection in 2024, contact the NYC master plumbers at Empire Plumbing at (718)494-7301 or (917)642-3041.

What is Local Law 152?

First passed in 2016, Local Law 152 went into effect in 2020. The law was created in response to a series of disasters that occurred due to improperly installed natural gas plumbing. The goal of this rule is to use regular inspections of NYC properties that use natural gas power to identify any potential problems and take immediate action. These problems can include:

  • Gas Pipe Leaks 
  • Corroded or Rusting Pipes
  • Physical Damage to the System
  • Illegal or Authorized Installations
  • Incorrectly Done Installations, and More

A Licensed Master Plumber in NYC must complete the LL 152 inspection and any repairs that are determined to be needed during the inspection. The LMP will also work with the property owner to submit all necessary paperwork to the NYC Department of Housing, certifying that the inspection has been completed, outlining any issues, and detailing what repairs were made.

Currently the inspection cycle is once every four years and the schedule is based on community district. We will go into more detail on the breakdown in which districts are included for this upcoming year’s deadline.

The important part is to be sure that you have the inspection done in the required year. Failing to comply with Local Law 152 guidelines can result in a civil penalty of up to $5,000 and any issues can involve an interruption to gas service at your residential or commercial property.

2024 LL152 Community Districts Deadlines

Local Law 152 outlines an inspection schedule determined by community district. Each year, specific community districts in every borough of NYC need to complete their inspection. The community districts that need to receive a Local Law 152 inspection this year are the same as the first year in 2020. For 2024, the districts included are:

  • Community District 1
  • Community District 3
  • Community District 10

If you own property in any of these districts in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Staten Island you will need to make time to schedule an inspection with a Licensed Master Plumber sometime this year.

One important thing to note for 2024 property owners is that when LL 152 inspections first began in 2020, it was both during COVID and the first year of implementation, so the NYC DOB was a bit more relaxed on the timeline, requirements, and fines. That is no longer the case. The NYC DOB is much more strict and will send out fines if you miss the deadline.

The deadline is December 31st, 2024, but it is a good idea to complete the work earlier to avoid delays.

For building owners who are unsure which district they live in, you can find your specific district on the NYC community district profile website. Simply type in your address and it will tell you your district number within your borough. You can also check out this map of the various community districts.

Other properties that will need to conduct a gas piping system inspection this calendar year include any that will be installing or resuming gas service for the first time, regardless of the scheduled inspection year for your community district.

2023 LL152 Community Districts With Missed Deadlines

Many property owners were expected to complete their LL 152 inspections for the first time in 2023, which was the last year of the first inspection four year cycle. Anyone in these districts that has not yet completed their LL 152 inspection is late and may be fined or need to file for an LL 152 extension. These districts that may have missed the 2023 deadline cycle include:

  • Community District 11
  • Community District 12
  • Community District 14
  • Community District 15
  • Community District 17

If you own property in any of these districts in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Staten Island you will need to make time to schedule an inspection with a Licensed Master Plumber sometime this year.

If you own a property that is covered under Local Law 152 in one of these districts and you missed your deadline, you could be subject to a violation. There is an option to request a 180-day extension to complete your inspection and file the necessary paperwork. The extension is a new option for property owners moving forward as a result of Follow-up #6, passed in March 2022.

Those properties that have filed for an extension or missed the deadline will need to schedule their inspection as soon as possible to remove the LL152 violation.

NEXT UP – 2025

2024’s Local Law 152 inspections are just beginning, but for some property owners, it helps to prepare for 2025 LL 152 and beyond. The community districts will change again on January 1st, and will include the following:

  • Community District 2
  • Community District 5
  • Community District 7
  • Community District 13
  • Community District 18

Unfortunately, it is not possible to complete an LL 152 inspection early. You must wait until 2025 before scheduling the inspection. Empire Plumbing is happy to schedule you out in advance if you like.

Option to Request an Extension

As of March 2022, the city council added the option to request an extension with Follow-up #6 to LL152. You can submit your request in the online portal at www.nyc.gov/DOBgaspipecert under Location Information. The extension is 180 days, providing extra time for you to complete your inspection without being in violation of LL152.

Property owners are able to request 1 extension only and failure to complete an inspection and submit paperwork by the extension deadline could result in a violation.

Properties that Need to Complete a LL 152 Inspection

Local Law 152 also outlines which properties are included and need to have an inspection completed. We have already gone over which districts must have an inspection this year, but not every property in each of these districts is included.

Your building needs an inspection unless it is in the R-3 occupancy group. The R-3 group includes buildings where there are no more than two dwelling units and occupants number under 20, which can apply to group homes, convents, or monasteries. You can find your buildings occupancy classification on your Certificate of Occupancy.

Buildings that are not in the R-3 occupancy group and do not use natural gas also have updated requirements in 2023 because of the law passed by the City Council. Prior to this year, buildings that did not use natural gas but fell within the community districts included for that year’s inspection deadline were required to submit paperwork from a Licensed Master Plumber confirming that no gas appliances were in use on the property.

This year and going forward, properties with gas piping but without active gas service can provide certification from the utility company that gas is not being supplied to the building. In order to confirm this, the property owner will need to submit to the Department of Buildings:

  • When gas was last supplied.
  • The date when gas service was no longer provided.
  • A signed statement from the owner of the building.
  • A certification from the utility company that the building is no longer connected to the gas main.

Although an inspection is no longer required, this certification is still due by the deadline if your property has unused gas piping within any of the community districts listed for either the 2024 deadline on December 31, 2024, or within 180 days of your extension request. You will need to submit this paperwork to avoid the $5,000 fine.

How to Complete Your 2024 LL 152 Inspection

Completing the gas piping system inspection is a relatively easy process for building owners, but you will want to make sure to schedule your inspection early to prevent any stress that can occur at the last minute and leave time for repairs.

You will need to schedule the inspection with a Licensed Master Plumber like Empire Plumbing Inc. We will come to your property at the scheduled time and inspect all gas pipes and connections in public areas. We will examine the space between the gas meter and up to tenant spaces, but per the law, there is no need for us to enter tenant dwellings.

Following inspection and in compliance with LL 152, we will provide you a Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Report within 30 days, outlining all necessary repairs. We will also provide you with a signed Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Certification indicating that the inspection was done. You will need to submit this form to the Department of Buildings.

We then work with you to conduct all necessary repairs within 120 or 180 days, depending on our original findings. When these are complete, we will give you any additional certifications or reports necessary to confirm that repairs were made.

In extreme cases where we identify a significant hazard such as a leak or an unauthorized connection, we will also have to report our findings to the Department of Buildings and the gas utility. This can result in a temporary shutdown of your National Grid or Consolidated Edison gas service while the issue is resolved. However, this happens in only a very small percentage of our inspections.

At Empire Plumbing, most of the Local Law 152 inspections that we have conducted so far have yielded no or only minor repairs that we can quickly and affordably correct, removing the chance of interruption to your gas service.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for property owners throughout NYC to comply with this new legislation and avoid facing any penalties for incomplete inspections or missed deadlines. If you own a building in any of the community districts scheduled for inspection this year or you have additional questions on Local Law 152, call our team at Empire Plumbing for more information on what is required of you in 2024.

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