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Gas Inspections, Local Law 152 Inspections, Gas Line Repair, and More

NYC Department of Buildings Gas Pipe Inspections, Gas Leak Repair, Gas Violation Removal, and Gas Pipe Plumbing Services Across Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens

Also Offering NYC Boiler Inspections (BO-9)

Empire Plumbing is a master plumber in NYC able to help you with NYC Department of Buildings Gas Piping Inspections (local law 152 inspections). All boroughs with properties 3 family and above must have building gas piping systems inspected, inspections must be conducted by a qualified gas piping system inspector, which means a licensed master plumber (LMP) in NYC.

If you need an LL 152 inspection, call Gary (718)494-7301 or (917)642-3041. Inspections take only 15 minutes.

Gas service turned off due to problems or violations?

Empire Plumbing in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan can help you with your National Grid and ConEd gas service problems.  We will repair the problem, remove any violations and get your gas service restored.
Call (718)494-7301 or (917)642-3041

WHO WE ARE - NYC’s Leading Licensed Master Plumber for Gas Pipe Systems, and More

The gas pipes and other plumbing in your building are essential systems. When working, they are a safe way to provide convenient power and heat. But when there are issues with the system, your property and those living and working there could be in danger. This is why the NYC Department of Buildings imposes so many regulations on local plumbing.

It is also why you need a trusted plumber. Empire Plumbing is the leading plumbing company in NYC. We have years of experience and training to become a Licensed Master Plumber, the only service professional that can conduct inspections and perform work with gas lines on NYC properties.

From Local Law 152 inspections to a repair of your gas line, we put your property and peace of mind first. Our transparent services and upfront pricing ensure you can make the best choices for your property, and our fast and detailed services mean that your plumbing projects are completed with little interruption and years of dependable service.

Services at Empire Plumbing Inc.

We are a full service gas plumber with a range of installation, repair, and installation services for gas pipe systems, and more:

  • Local Law 152 Inspections
  • Gas Pipe Installation
  • Gas Pipe Repair
  • Gas Violation Removal
  • Backflow Device Installation and Repair
  • Boiler Services

As a Licensed Master Plumber in New York City, we are qualified to take on all these projects and more. We can file building permits with the NYC Department of Buildings, assist with gas pipe inspections, and help you understand and repair DOB, National Grid, or ConEd violations at your home, residential, or business property. If you need master plumbing services in NYC, reach out to see how we can help.

Areas We Serve in New York City

Empire Plumbing Inc. is your best choice for homeowners looking to work on their gas plumbing needs. We are also the Licensed Master Plumber that can help you meet all the DOB and DEP requirements for your multifamily residential property, office complex, commercial building, or other property type. 

Our team works with property owners, building supers, and tenants as we serve the boroughs of New York City, including:

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Staten Island
  • Queens
  • The Bronx

Our years of experience in local neighborhoods like Chelsea, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, the Upper West Side, and others has given us extensive experience in identifying leaks and problems, making upgrades to existing gas pipe systems and fire suppression systems, and working with the DOB and utility companies.

Call Empire Plumbing Inc to Get Started Today

Empire Plumbing is the NYC plumber that can complete any inspections, installation, repair, or other gas plumbing projects and Local Law 152 services required at your property. But beyond quality and dependable work, you can expect competitive prices and friendly professional service. Start with a quote or get more information about our services. Contact us today at (718) 494-7301.

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