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When installed correctly and working efficiently, natural gas is an effective solution for properties in NYC. But any unprofessional work, breakages, damage, or other issues with your gas piping system can jeopardize the efficiency and safety of natural gas power. This is why you should rely on an NYC gas contractor for all natural gas installations, repairs, and inspections at your home or business.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a gas contractor in NYC. We have years of experience and training, as well as being a Licensed Master Plumber who is authorized to perform all services related to gas piping systems in NYC. In addition to providing dependable results with our expert services, we are always professional and provide competitive prices. Contact us at (718) 494-7301 to hire a gas contractor for your next project.

Gas Contractor Services in NYC

NYC law mandates that any work involving natural gas systems be completed by a gas contractor in order to promote safety and correct installation techniques. As a licensed gas contractor, Empire Plumbing meets these requirements and is able to provide a wide array of services.

We work with a number of different property types, including single family and multifamily residential and commercial properties with experience to meet all of their specific needs.

Gas Inspections from a NYC Gas Contractor

A gas piping system inspection is an essential part of maintenance for properties that have natural gas power. NYC requires the majority of commercial and multifamily residential properties to regularly schedule gas piping system inspections every four years in accordance with Local Law 152.

Although not included in this law, residential properties can benefit from hiring a gas contractor to perform an inspection as well to be sure that no leaks or other damages have developed with your system to put your family at risk.

When you need a gas inspection on your home or commercial property, the gas contractors at Empire Plumbing can provide the inspection results that you can depend on with inspections that are:

  • Fast – We have the equipment, knowledge, and focus to get inspections done quickly so they are convenient to schedule and you can get your results fast.
  • Detailed – We know how to pinpoint signs of damage and not miss any risks. We can adapt our inspection to the specificities of your gas piping system.
  • Comprehensive – As a full service gas contractor, if we do find any issues during an inspection, it is simple for us to provide a quote and get started on repair work.

For LL 152 inspections, we will also complete the inspection by providing to sign and certify documentation for you to file with the DOB, making it easy for you to meet all of the requirements and avoid LL152 penalties.

NYC Gas Contractor for Gas Leaks and Other Gas Repairs

We are fully trained to manage any gas repair in NYC at Empire Plumbing. Whether you know you have a gas leak or suspect one, or have noticed other issues with our gas piping system, such as physical damage or appliances not working correctly, we can determine what is causing the issue and the most effective repair. Our goal is to have your gas piping system and appliances working efficiently and with long lasting service at the best price.

Additional Gas Contractor Services from Empire Plumbing 

Our services provide solutions for everything related to gas piping systems. As gas contractors, we can provide:

Our various installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection services make Empire Plumbing the gas contractor you can turn to for any gas piping system related needs throughout NYC.

Why Choose Empire Plumbing as your NYC Gas Contractor?

A gas piping system is one that requires an expert. Getting service from anyone besides a gas contractor is not only illegal, but can put your appliances and people in your home or building at risk. Beyond our expertise, training, and experience, we are also a gas contractor that provides:

  • Friendly Service – We can answer all of your questions about any part of the process, explain our inspections and repairs, and help you feel confident that you are making the right choices for your service.
  • Transparent Pricing – We offer an upfront quote on all services to help you understand the cost and avoid any surprises.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured – Our services meet all requirements for gas contractors and Licensed Master Plumbers in NYC, as well as being backed with our own guarantee on our work so that you know you are getting reliable services. 

We can travel to properties throughout NYC and we regularly service properties in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the other boroughs and neighborhoods in the area.

Get Started with an NYC Gas Contractor 

Whatever work your property requires related to your gas piping system, Empire Plumbing Inc is the gas contractor with the necessary experience, services, and dedication to our customers that will make the process as easy as possible. Learn more about our gas contractor services and get a free quote when you contact Empire Plumbing at (718) 494-7301.

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