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Gas Piping Work in NYC with Empire Plumbing – Including Local Law 152

Natural gas is an efficient and affordable option for heating, stoves, and other power. Many of NYC’s historic and modern properties rely on gas power, and a gas piping system to transport gas from the utility lines to appliances within the home or commercial property. During remodels, homeowners often elect to upgrade to gas power.

Whether you have existing gas piping on your property or are looking to install gas pipes in your home, Empire Plumbing Inc is an NYC gas piping company that provides installation, repair, maintenance, and additional services. We also support properties that need to stay compliant with Local Law 152. We are a licensed master plumber and the company to call whenever you need gas pipework done. Contact us today at (718) 494-7301 to get started.

Why Choose Empire Plumbing Inc for Gas System Work

When installed and maintained correctly, gas power is reliable and safe. This is why it is so important to rely on a licensed master plumber like Empire Plumbing when you need gas line work. Our team has the training and expertise to safely work on gas lines, and a full array of gas pipe services backed by:

  • Affordable Rates – We price our services fairly, making it possible to build, remodel, and repair gas pipe systems on your budget. Our efficient methods and dedication to quality are what enable us to provide a high standard of work at affordable prices.
  • Years of Experience – In our years in business, we have worked with the NYC DOB, ConEd, and National Grid, and we know how to make sure your property meets its various regulations. We have also supported property owners of buildings of all types, provided different services, and know-how to customize our services to your needs.
  • Guaranteed Results – Our work is designed to last. If we are installing new pipes or repiping a property, we guarantee that the gas line will function properly for years to come. For repairs, we work until we are sure the problem is fixed and you and your family are safe.

We are also transparent in our work with clients. After starting with an in-depth inspection, we let you know upfront what the process will be for the work you need, our timeline and cost estimate, and our recommendations specific to your property. You can always trust that Empire Plumbing will provide the right services at a fair price, and prioritize your interests throughout the process.

Gas Pipe Installation

New properties, properties installing gas for the first time, and those adding gas appliances in new locations will need gas pipe installation. In NYC, the Department of Buildings requires the right permits before we can conduct gas work on a property, and mandates that all work meets local building codes and regulations.

At Empire Plumbing, we handle the permits so that all work is legal and approved. We also have extensive knowledge of the regulations as they apply to your borough and property type, making it possible for us to perform all work to the necessary standards.

Our gas pipe installation can include laying pipes, connecting to the main gas line, navigating pipes behind walls and above ceilings, and hooking up appliances. We work as quickly as possible without ever risking safety and quality of your gas pipes.

We also complete gas piping for bathroom or kitchen renovations. In a remodel, we will often need to install new pipes and reroute existing lines. We work with you and any contractors to determine how we will layout pipes to support the plumbing needs of your planned remodel. Then we quickly install pipes and connect gas appliances to finish your remodel.

Repair Services for Gas Pipes

All gas pipes will eventually need maintenance as they age. You may also be dealing with pipes that were not installed to code and now need to be updated to keep them functioning and avoid any violations. Our gas piping repair includes services for:

We also provide repair work in accordance with Local Law 152. This is a newer regulation for NYC properties housing more than 2 families that requires regular inspections and repair of any detected problems. Our LL 152 gas pipe system services make meeting the requirements of the law straightforward.

Gas System Repiping

Some corroded gas lines are past the point of repair. When this happens, we need to replace the damaged gas pipes to keep the entire system operating safely. This is our last resort, since it is naturally more invasive and time consuming than repairs, but we make the process as quick and affordable as possible.

Our gas pipe replacement provides repiping for any irreparable segments of your system. Dependable work means that your repiping will last for years beyond installation with more efficient service and without you needing to worry about leaks or deterioration.

Who We Work With

All kinds of properties in NYC use natural gas to power their homes, apartments, businesses, and offices. We work with both older properties and new developments or renovations to handle every possible type of gas line work in New York City.

Our service area includes the boroughs of:

In these boroughs, we can travel to your property in any neighborhood, such as the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Downtown, and more.

Call Empire Plumbing Today for Gas Pipe Work

Empire Plumbing has a reputation for quality, affordable services for gas pipes. Our full service options for natural gas make us the best choice when you need any assistance with gas heating or gas lines at your property. Let us provide you with a quote for services when you call us at (718)494-7301.

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