NYC Boiler Inspections (BO-9)

Annual Boiler Inspections in NYC from Empire Plumbing INC

As a property owner in NY, one of your many responsibilities includes meeting the various Department of Buildings regulations. The BO9 boiler inspection is an annual requirement that applies to many properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, and requires an inspector to examine boilers on your property for any malfunctions.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a certified boiler inspector in NYC that is qualified to inspect boilers, file paperwork, and complete any necessary boiler repairs at residential and commercial properties in NYC. We offer upfront pricing and dependable service as we assist you from start to finish with all your DOB boiler inspection requirements. Contact us at (718)494-7301 to schedule an inspection at a time that works for you.

Which Properties Need a BO9 Boiler Inspection

The Department of Buildings Boiler Division mandates an annual boiler inspection for the majority of properties in NYC at least once per year. The inspection period runs from January 1 to December 31, during which time all of the following properties need to have all boilers on the property inspected by a certified boiler inspector:

  • Residential properties with 6 or more dwelling units.
  • Single Room Occupancy (SRO) residential properties
  • Commercial properties.
  • Mixed use properties.
  • Any property with an H-stamp domestic water heater with over 350,000 BTUs.

The exceptions to the inspection properties include residential buildings with 5 or fewer dwelling units with a low pressure boiler or H-stamp domestic water heater. There is also no need to inspect individual boilers heating individual residential units or domestic boilers that have an input of less than 100,000 BTUs.

The penalty for failing to submit an inspection report within 180 days of an inspection is $50 per month for each boiler. Failing to submit a report within the annual inspection window can lead to the full civil penalty of $1,000 per boiler.

If you are unsure whether your building needs an annual inspection, we are able to provide guidance. Just give our team a call.

How the Inspection Process Works for NYC Boiler Inspections

There are two types of boiler inspections that we offer at Empire Plumbing: high pressure boiler inspections and low pressure boiler inspections. There is no need to know which type you need since our plumbing specialists can help you navigate the entire process.

Properties with a low pressure boiler need one annual inspection. If your property has a high pressure boiler, you will need an external and an internal boiler inspection spaced approximately 6 months apart.

At all inspections, we will follow this process that satisfies all the requirements set forth by the NYC DOB:

  • Inspect the Boiler – We perform the required internal or external inspection to locate any leaks, pressure problems, or other defects with boilers on the property.
  • File BO-9 Paperwork – Within the required 45 days of inspection, we file the BO-9 inspection report with the DOB Boiler Division.
  • Address Problems – If we discover any malfunctions during the inspection, we provide you an outline and pricing for repairs so we can bring your boiler up to code.
  • File BO-13 Paperwork – After repairs are completed, we submit the BO-13 Affirmation of Correction report to the DOB within 180 days of the initial inspection, confirming that all issues have been fixed.

Our inspections and any repair work we do always meets local building codes as well as our own high standards of work. On rare occasions where repairs are necessary for your boiler, you can be confident that our solutions will last.

About Empire Plumbing Inc – NYC’s Best Licensed Master Plumber

When it comes to meeting the Department of Building’s annual inspection requirements for boilers in NYC, you need a plumbing company that supports your property with honest and efficient service. Empire Plumbing Inc is dedicated to keeping your property in compliance with minimal hassle for you.

We are a licensed master plumber and certified NYC boiler inspector. This means we have the years of training and experience that qualifies us to complete all types of plumbing work at your property. We also guarantee:

  • On Time Work – The DOB has strict timelines for the boiler inspection process and we adhere to all deadlines so that you never have to pay fines.
  • Professional Service – We show up on time and perform high quality work that we can stand behind.
  • Fair Prices – Our costs are competitive for each borough we work in and we provide an estimate up front.

Additionally, we do everything in our power to make the boiler inspection process convenient for you as a property manager. We can provide followup reminders to let you know when your annual inspection is due and manage paperwork so that you know no details are forgotten.

Where We Work

Empire Plumbing provides boiler inspections to commercial properties, residential buildings, and mixed use properties NYC, including the boroughs of:

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Staten Island

We serve local neighborhoods like Tribeca, Upper West Side, Greenwich VIllage, Chelsea, and more. By working with a local plumbing company, our clients benefit from our in depth knowledge of DOB building codes and requirements.

Schedule Your Inspection – Call Empire Plumbing Today

Empire Plumbing makes it simple to stay in compliance with DOB codes. From the initial inspection to filing paperwork with the DOB Boiler Division, you can count on us to manage every step of the process, all while working within your busy schedule. Get started with our convenient and affordable NYC boiler inspections when you contact our team of plumbing specialists today.

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