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Older buildings and newer buildings, residential and commercial, small and large – every property in Brooklyn relies on plumbing systems. At many Brooklyn properties, plumbing and gas pipe systems supply power and heat. Unfortunately, standard wear on these pipes and components can require repairs, replacements, and upgrades to keep plumbing and gas lines running. Many of these systems also require inspections by a local licensed master plumber in Brooklyn.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a full service Brooklyn master plumber with expertise in everything from installation to repairs to inspection requirements. We serve residential and commercial properties in Brooklyn with fast and affordable plumbing services. To schedule an evaluation and get a free estimate, call us at (718)494-7301.

Gas Pipe Services and More from a Local Licensed Master Plumber

As a master plumber, Empire Plumbing offers all of the services necessary to install, inspect, and maintain the gas pipe, water supply and sewage, and other systems in Brooklyn properties:

  • Local Law 152 Inspections
  • Gas Violation Removal
  • Gas Pipe Installation
  • Gas Pipe Repair
  • Boiler Inspections, Installations, and Repairs
  • Backflow Device Installation

There are only some of the Brooklyn plumbing services we provide. With our certification as an NYC licensed master plumber, we have the training and ability to submit building permits, perform renovation work, and keep all plumbing systems on your property compliant and in good working order.

Properties We Work with in Brooklyn

Empire Plumbing works with properties of all types and sizes. Our services are appropriate for:

  • Residential Plumbing in Brooklyn – We can adapt our services to single units in condominiums, apartments, and co-ops, working directly with homeowners on repairs or renovation projects. We can also support building owners of multifamily residential properties with construction, renovation, maintenance, and inspection needs.
  • Commercial Plumbing in Brooklyn – We offer commercial plumbing services in Brooklyn for properties in every industry. Our quick and reliable services work for busy properties without extensive interruption.
  • Industrial Plumbing in Brooklyn – Our services for industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse properties are specifically planned to help with the strict safety and environmental requirements that many of these properties must meet.

Plumbing on different properties can have different requirements. Empire Plumbing is up to date on all the requirements the various property types in Brooklyn must adhere to, and we can help you determine tasks, timelines, paperwork, and other requirements you need to stay current with local codes.

Who We Are – Empire Plumbing

We are a local plumber in Brooklyn that is the best choice for all of your plumbing projects. Our clients trust us to perform high quality work that puts their needs first. Whether you need assistance with understanding DOB requirements or need help with a repair, Empire Plumbing is the company you can rely on with services that are:

  • Transparent – We complete an in depth inspection and clearly explain any problems we see. We also explain each of your options so that you can make an informed choice regarding repairs and costs.
  • Experienced – As a local plumbing company, we have worked with many of the building types in Brooklyn, as well as local utilities and the Department of Buildings. We know how to locate problems and quickly work towards a fix.
  • Affordable – Because we work quickly and provide reliable results, we are able to offer our services at a cost-effective price.

Regardless of your plumbing issue, our team performs a thorough inspection to completely understand any problems and recommend the best and most cost effective solution. This also enables us to adequately share the issues with you, and the fixes, so that you feel confident your property is safe, efficient, and compliant.

Schedule an Inspection, Install, or Repair with Us

Gas leaks, plumbing inspections, and violations can be a source of stress for property owners in Brooklyn. Empire Plumbing aims to make plumbing repairs and renovations simple with comprehensive services that see you through the process. Call us at (718)494-7301 today to discuss your issue or inspection requirement.

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