Staten Island Master Plumber from Empire Plumbing Inc.

The plumbing in your home, multifamily residential property, or commercial building in Staten Island is a complex system, often subject to regulations and at risk if there is ever a problem with pipes or gas lines. Having a local plumber in Staten Island that you can call on prevents plumbing problems from becoming an expensive challenge.

Empire Plumbing Inc is the top choice licensed master plumber in Staten Island. From keeping our clients in compliance with local regulations to ensuring your property is efficient and safe, our professional and friendly plumbing team in Staten Island is here to help. Give us a call at (718)494-7301 to make your evaluation appointment.

Staten Island Master Plumbing Services

Empire Plumbing has an array of services for all of the plumbing components at properties in Staten Island. We work with gas piping systems that provide natural gas for energy and heat, as well as water supply. Our services include:

  • Local Law 152 Gas Pipe Inspections – LL 152 requires most multifamily and commercial properties in Staten Island to have their gas lines inspected once every 4 years. We make it easy to understand and meet the requirements of this law with our Local Law 152 inspections in Staten Island.
  • Gas Pipe Repair – When you have a gas pipe leak or your pipes have become worn, we can identify issues and execute repairs. We can also plan for pipe replacements where necessary.
  • Gas Pipe Installation – The DOB requires a licensed master plumber to submit permits for any construction or renovation that involves gas pipe. We can handle permitting and complete the installation work.
  • Violation Removal – If your gas or water has been turned off, we can quickly address the issue and submit any paperwork to handle the violation from ConEd, National Grid, or the DEP, and get service restored.
  • Backflow Device Services – We can install and regularly inspect RPZ devices in accordance with local rules on commercial and industrial properties. Other water meter services, including installation and repair, are available for all properties.
  • Boiler Services – Our boiler services include installation, inspection, regular maintenance, and repair on boilers in commercial and residential properties. We can keep boilers of all types functioning efficiently and risk free.

If you have additional plumbing concerns or projects in Staten Island, our full-service solutions can help with those as well. Simply let us know what problems you are having or the requirements you need to meet.

Why Call Empire Plumbing for Your Master Plumber Needs

Empire Plumbing is a licensed master plumber in Manhattan. This certification means that we have the training, on-the-job experience, and standards to safely provide the plumbing services properties in Manhattan need to stay up to date and functioning. In addition, we offer:

  • Dependable Services – Throughout the process, you can rely on us to be on time, focused, and complete high-quality work. This is beneficial in everything from fitting in with your busy schedule to ensuring that your DOB paperwork and permits are submitted on time.
  • Affordable Rates – After our inspection pinpoints problems, we can work quickly to get the job done. This efficiency saves you money, and also lessens the interruption plumbing work can cause on your property.
  • Professional Team – Our technicians are friendly and knowledgeable about all of our services. You  feel confident that you have a caring company serving you that wants to find the best solution for your property.

Our services are available to properties of all types. We can help property owners in Brooklyn keep their commercial buildings, offices, and multifamily residential buildings up to date on Department of Building, DEP, and FDNY requirements. We can also help home, condo, and co-op owners with renovations and installations.

Get Started with the Best Plumbing Company in Staten Island

Empire Plumbing is the Staten Island master plumber you can rely on for any concern with plumbing equipment. Whether you already know you need a repair or installation, want to figure out what is causing issues with your system, or need to schedule an annual inspection, contact us at (718)494-7301.

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