Crunch Time: Last Minute LL 152 Inspections

Understanding the Deadline for LL 152 Inspections

As December 2023 unfolds, property owners in New York City are facing a critical deadline. Local Law 152 (LL 152) mandates that all buildings, except for one- and two-family homes, must undergo periodic gas piping system inspections. This law, part of a broader initiative to enhance safety and compliance, stipulates a deadline of December 31, 2023, for the current inspection cycle. Failing to meet this deadline can lead to significant legal and financial repercussions.

The Role of Empire Plumbing in LL 152 Compliance

Empire Plumbing, a leader in plumbing and gas inspection services, is your go-to expert for Local Law 152 inspections. Our team of certified professionals is equipped to perform thorough and efficient inspections, ensuring that your property adheres to the safety standards set forth by LL 152.

Why Immediate Action is Necessary

There are some property tasks that you can put off. For example, you are supposed to get a roof inspection annually, but if you wait an extra few months, it is unlikely to cause much harm. But for Local Law 152, immediate action is typically necessary for:

  • Compliance with Local Law – Adhering to LL 152 is not optional. It’s a legal requirement that ensures the safety of your building’s gas piping systems. Non-compliance can result in penalties and legal issues.
  • Safety Concerns – The primary goal of LL 152 is to ensure the safety of occupants by identifying and rectifying potential gas leaks and hazards. Delaying the inspection can put the safety of your building’s residents at risk.
  • Avoiding Penalties – Failing to complete the inspection by the deadline can lead to substantial fines. The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) imposes strict penalties on buildings that do not comply with LL 152.
  • Year-End Rush – As the year-end approaches, the demand for qualified inspectors like those at Empire Plumbing increases significantly. Scheduling your inspection as soon as possible is crucial to ensure that it is completed on time.

LL 152 extensions are possible, but not a guarantee. We encourage any property owner to quickly get their local law 152 inspections completed as soon as possible to ensure compliance.

Empire Plumbing’s Commitment to Timely and Efficient Inspections

Empire Plumbing stands ready to assist property owners in meeting this urgent deadline. Our expertise in LL 152 inspections ensures a thorough and efficient process, minimizing disruption while maximizing compliance.

The clock is ticking on LL 152 inspections. Empire Plumbing is dedicated to providing professional, efficient, and comprehensive inspection services. Contact us immediately to schedule your inspection and ensure your property meets all the requirements of LL 152 before the year-end deadline.

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