Local Law 152 Inspection in NYC

In 2016 Local Law 152 added the “Periodic Inspection of Gas Piping Systems,” to the New York city code. Since then, select districts every year are expected to have a local law 152 inspection by a Certified Master Plumber to look for potential issues or hazards.

It can be hard to know what to expect as a building owner. This law is still fairly new and many are experiencing this type of gas pipe inspection for only the second time. That’s where Empire Plumbing NYC comes in. Our Master Plumbers are equipped to carry out the necessary Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Reports (GPS1) you are required to have for your property, and help you through the rest of the LL 152 process.

Empire Plumbing NYC is a comprehensive plumbing company that is here to assist with any inspections or gas pipe repairs you may need performed throughout the entirety of this inspection process. Give us a call at (718)494-7301 today for Local Law 152 assistance at your property.

What to Expect From the Local Law 152 Inspection Process.

Local Law 152 is an inspection process designed for the safety of NYC Gas lines. The law requires most buildings in New York City to have an inspection of their gas pipe system every four years by a licensed Master Plumber.

This puts all properties on a yearly schedule based on district, with different districts every year. Once you’ve completed your inspection, you will not need a new one for four years. However, as a property owner, you need to stay aware of which district you are in and which districts are required to have their inspections completed each year. The fines for missing the deadline on these Local Law 152 inspections in NYC can be steep.

At Empire Plumbing NYC, our Master Plumbers are well-versed in the Local Law 152 process, and we’ll be able to help walk you through it step by step. You can expect Empire Plumbing NYC’s part in your inspection to look something like this:

  • Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Report (GPS1) – The Master Plumber will carry out a gas line inspection that takes roughly 15 minutes, and then we will fill out the GPS1 form for you, the building owner within 30 days after the inspection. The report will make it clear if there are any repairs that need to be made by the Master Plumber, or installations that are required before the next step can be completed.
  • Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Certification (GSP2) – After our Master Plumber provides you with a signed and sealed inspection certification form, you will know if your gas pipes have any issues that you need to have repaired. If there are any issues, you have either 120 or 180 days arrange for repairs, depending on what the Master Plumber decides. After that the certification will need to be submitted digitally to the Department of Buildings (DOB).
  • Follow Up Inspection Certification – This last form of certification is only needed if our Master Plumber found any issues with your piping system that required repairs. This certification will need to be signed by the Master Plumber and you as well before it is submitted to the Department of Buildings.

The main purpose of Local Law 152 is to help protect the countless properties in New York City from potential gas leaks or even explosions that can be caused by out-of-date gas lines. Keeping these systems up to code requires consistent inspections, and that is why Empire Plumbing NYC has Master Plumbers ready to help you.

Empire Plumbing NYC’s Master Plumbers are the Right Fit for Your LL 152 Inspection.

The Local Law 152 process requires a Master Plumber to carry out the inspection. A Master Plumber is a master craftsman in the plumbing industry. They have acquired an expert-level license because of their expertise and years of service. This means that a Master Plumber has an education that doesn’t just cover the repair of plumbing services, it also means they are well versed in the designing phase of a gas or plumbing system as well.

The certification that a Master Plumber acquires typically represents 7 years of apprenticing beneath another Master Plumber. The Master Plumbers that work with Empire Plumbing NYC are all highly skilled individuals, qualified for many of the repairs and inspections that New York City requires Master Plumbers to carry out, such as:

  • Large or Dangerous Plumbing Repairs – Safety issues in your plumbing, such as a leaking gas pipe, fall underneath the purview of a Master Plumber. It can be incredibly dangerous to attempt these repairs on your own, and it is best to leave such issues to Master Plumbers as they can make the repairs safely and effectively.
  • Renovations and New Constructions– As we mentioned before, a Master Plumber has a background in the planning and development of plumbing systems. This means during any large construction or renovation project, a Master Plumber should be on call for the development of the property, as they will have the best understanding of NYC building codes.
  • Work Done to Your Gas Line – On top of the previous danger we mentioned of attempting repairs on your gas line without a proper education, gas line work done without the presence of a Master Plumber is also illegal in New York.
  • Local Law 152 (and Other City Inspections) – There are several inspections that the Department of Buildings (DOB) requires Master Plumbers to implement for their property. As we stated before, Local Law 152 must be performed by a licensed Master Plumber. That is why Empire Plumbing NYC has Master Plumbers at the ready for your LL152 inspection deadlines.

Dealing with local law 152 can be stressful. Thankfully, our master plumbers at Empire Plumbing are required to have worked in New York City before they can apply to become a Master Plumber here. That means when Empire Plumbing NYC comes to your property, you can know that the Master Plumber who is assisting you is a local to your area and has been working in your city for some time. They have proven their knowledge and skills to the New York Department of Buildings (DOB), and their inspection skills are recognized for situations like Local Law 152.

How You and Your Master Plumber Can Complete LL152 Together Quickly

As you are preparing for your Local Law 152 inspection, it’s important to keep in mind what you can do on your end to help expedite the process. Our Master Plumber is going to be able to come in and examine your gas lines quickly and professionally, but any assistance you lend will only make that process go smoother. Any potential help you can do won’t require more skill than typical custodial experience. Some of the potential steps you can take include:

  • Review Where Your Property Needs Inspection – Our Master Plumber will need to review all of your exposed gas piping from the entrance of your property to any private spaces. Private tenant units will not be part of the inspection though, so you only need to worry about the public areas of your building.
  • Allow Easy Access to Inspection Routes – Make sure you have any keys on hand necessary to get into locked rooms, corridors, or hallways. Making sure our Master Plumber has easy access to your property will ensure a speedy inspection process.
  • Move Debris Away from Any Gas Piping – It can be good to go through your property before the inspection to make sure there is no debris or clutter blocking any of the gas lines or other parts of the inspection.

Our Master Plumber is a part of this inspection process with you. We are there to look after your gas pipes and make sure they stay up to code and that you are able to quickly complete your Local Law 152 inspection. Working alongside you each step of the ways the best policy we have for stress-free customer service and efficient inspections.

Areas of NYC that We Service

If you are looking to have your local law 152 inspection completed by Master Plumber from Empire Plumbing NYC, there are several different boroughs that we are able to send a Master Plumber out to, including:

  • Staten Island
  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan

If your property is in one of these boroughs, you can rest assured that we service all of the different neighborhoods around you as well, from the Upper West Side and Upper East Side to Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Downtown, and more.

Call Empire Plumbing NYC Today for Your Local Law 152 Inspection.

At Empire Plumbing NYC, our Master Plumbers are known for their quality service and helping hands when it comes to gas pipe inspections. If you need to get your local law 152 inspection done this year, don’t hesitate. Give us a call at (718) 494-7301 today.

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