What to Do If Your Local Law 152 Inspection Results in a Gas Shut Off

The majority of Local Law 152 inspections return only minor issues. Considered deficient conditions, these will need repairs within 120 days of the inspection, but leave you with the flexibility to schedule those repairs without shutting off your gas service in the interim period.

But on any occasion when an inspector finds hazardous conditions during your Local Law 152 inspection – or any gas piping system inspection at your property – this could inspector will need to notify you and the gas utility. Depending on what the condition is, National Grid or ConEd may make the decision to shut off your gas until the conditions are rectified. Because this can be highly disruptive, knowing what steps you can take to get your gas turned back on as quickly as possible will help reduce the impact. 

Restoring Gas Service After a Local Law 152 Inspection 

There are a few different conditions that count as hazardous and can require a service shut off for your system. These include gas leaks, unauthorized gas connections, and work that is not to code or poses an immediate risk of failure. 

If your inspection has resulted in a gas shut off by the utility, you can do the following to restore service:

  • Hire a Licensed Master Plumber – A licensed master plumber will need to make the repairs. This can be the same LMP that you used for your initial inspection or a different one. If using a different LMP, the original LMP will still need to conduct the follow up inspection to confirm that all corrections have been made successfully.
  • File for a Permit – A licensed master plumber will need to file for a DOB permit before beginning any work on the system.
  • LMP Will Make Repairs – The licensed master plumber will make whatever repairs are necessary to the gas piping system at your property.
  • Subsequent Testing – After repairs are complete, the licensed master plumber should do a pressure test of their own to confirm that repairs are in place and the system is out working as required.
  • DOB Pressure Test – The Department of Buildings will conduct its own inspection and pressure test to confirm the effectiveness of repairs.
  • Restore Service – The DOB will provide a gas authorization and the LMP can complete any paperwork required by the utility. Once those steps are complete, the utility will turn the service back on and restore gas to your building. 

Because the majority of these steps are the responsibility of the licensed master plumber, ensuring that you have an LMP that is fast and effective will make this process as straightforward as possible and that your utility is reinstated at the first opportunity. Empire Plumbing Inc is a licensed master plumber for Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. We provide LL 152 inspections, fast repairs, and gas violation removal if your property is ever faced with a gas shut off. Contact us today to learn more about our services for gas piping systems in NYC.

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