Common Issues Found in a Local Law 152 Inspection

During a local law 152 inspection, a gas piping inspector will check the pipes and appliances in your building for any potential problems. If the inspection reveals any issues, you will need a plumber to correct those problems in accordance with DOB building codes within the next 120 days and pass a subsequent inspection.

These are some of the most common issues discovered during an LL 152 inspection so that you know what type of issues to prepare for in terms of repairs.

Gas Piping System Problems

A Local Law 152 inspection is largely a visual inspection of overhead gas pipes and building appliances. The inspection entails every part of the system that is accessible from the gas meter to the edge of tenant spaces, without any need to enter tenant spaces. 

One of the most pressing issues resulting from a Local Law 152 inspection is a gas leak. This is a significant hazard that a property owner will need to fix immediately to avoid explosions or other risks. Other common issues that a licensed master plumber might identify during an inspection include:

  • Improper Connections
  • Unauthorized Connections
  • Flexible Piping Instead of Hard Piping
  • Rusting
  • Corrosion 
  • No Drip Leg
  • Plastic Piping in Duct Systems
  • Unlabeled Copper Tubing 
  • Missing Shutoff Valves
  • Incorrect Materials

If any of these or other issues are included in your LL 152 inspection report, you will need to plan for corrections. This could involve scheduling repair to gas pipes with a licensed master plumber or updating appliances and piping that may not be up to code.

You can hire any LMP to make the required repairs, but you will need to schedule a follow up inspection with the same LMP who performed the initial inspection to sign off and certify that all repairs are complete and your GPS is fully up to code.

Empire Plumbing Inc provides LL 152 inspections and gas pipe repairs in NYC. We give you a detailed report of what you need to address post-inspection, as well as provide efficient and reliable fixes to make sure that your system is safe and meets all DOB requirements. Schedule your inspection with our team today.

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