Differences Between Hazardous Conditions versus Deficient Conditions After an LL 152 Inspection

The three results of a Local Law 152 inspection are to have no problems at all, to have deficient conditions, or to have hazardous and unsafe conditions. Depending on what your inspection turns up, the next steps will depend on these results.

By understanding the different outcomes, you can be prepared to quickly address any problems following your Local Law 152 inspection to ensure continued gas service and make any repairs necessary before LL152 deadlines.

Managing the Results of a Local Law 152 Inspection 

The majority of gas piping inspections in NYC for Local Law 152 return no problems. After the licensed master plumber files the paperwork with the DOB to certify that the inspection was completed, the property owner will have fulfilled their responsibilities for the next 4 years until the next LL 152 inspection is due.

When the LMP does find a problem with a gas piping system during the inspection, it will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Unsafe or Hazardous Conditions – These are conditions that pose an immediate risk to the gas piping system. If an LMP or utility finds these at any time, the property owner must seek immediate correction. If the issue is extreme enough, a service shutdown may also be necessary until the issue is fixed. A few of the conditions that qualify as unsafe or hazardous include an illegal or an authorized connection, work that is not to the DOB code, a gas leak, or an amount of damage that could lead to a gas leak in the near future. 
  • Deficient Conditions – Deficient conditions still require a fix, but are less urgent than unsafe conditions. Your LMP will let you know about these conditions after your LL 152 inspection is complete and then property owners have 120, or 180 days depending on the severity of the condition, to make the recommended fixes. At that point, you will need to have an LMP certify that all required repairs were made and submit that follow up paperwork to the DOB.

Whatever the outcome of your Local Law 152 inspection, the licensed master plumber will let you know the final results. With hazardous conditions, the LMP will notify both you and the utility immediately. For deficient conditions, you will receive a report after the inspection.

Empire Plumbing Inc provides Local Law 152 inspections for multifamily residential and commercial properties throughout NYC. We are also able to conduct repairs for any gas leaks are other issues discovered during an LL 152 inspection. This makes it convenient for us to quickly deal with unsafe and hazardous conditions to have any dangerous situations rectified as quickly as possible and avoid long term service shut offs.

We can also handle deficient conditions quickly and in line with NYC building codes to be sure that your Local Law 152 inspection and repairs are completed before the deadline. To schedule your LL 152 inspection before year end, contact us today.

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