Understanding the Difference Between Utility Inspections and Local Law 152 Inspections 

Local Law 152 is a citywide ordinance and requires inspections for the majority of buildings in NYC. A licensed master plumber completes these inspections in accordance with the instructions outlined by Local Law 152.

At the same time, many properties in different localities also undergo utility inspections by Consolidated Edison or National Grid. These are the differences between the two inspection types and what you need to know to be sure that you are meeting all of the separate requirements for your area.

Local Law 152 versus Gas Utility Inspections 

Inspections required by Local Law 152 and those performed by the utility fulfill different requirements and you cannot use one to replace the Other. For Local Law 152, properties are subject to the following requirements:

  • Inspection Every 4 Years – Periodic inspections are on a 4 year schedule with the different community districts that are currently due for inspection changing on a rotation.
  • LMP Conducts the Inspection – A licensed master plumber will conduct the inspection for Local Law 152.
  • Visual Inspections – The inspection checks for leaks, work not to code, and other issues. A Local Law 152 inspection only checks visible pipes.

Utility inspections share some similarities with Local Law 152, but are mandated by the Public Service Commission and conducted by ConEd or National Grid. Like a Local Law 152 inspection, they are only concerned with visible pipes, but can be more in depth than an LL 152 inspection. Their requirements are based on PSC specifications for your particular area and building type.

Because Local Law 152 and utility inspections are separate requirements, you should be aware of the specifics required for your property. For any LL 152 inspections, Empire Plumbing, a licensed master plumber in NYC, can efficiently and affordably conduct the necessary inspections and repairs to help you meet NYC DOB requirements and avoid fines. Reach out to our team for a quote.

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