Boiler Inspection Penalties for Missed Deadlines

The NYC Department of Buildings requires annual boiler inspections for multifamily residential, commercial, and mixed use properties with a boiler. The inspection cycle for BO-9 inspections is from January 1 to December 31. At some point during the year, you will need to schedule your inspection with an authorized inspector and handle any repairs or maintenance identified during the inspection.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in fines that increase in value the longer that an inspection goes uncompleted, underscoring the importance of completing both inspections and repairs in a timely manner.

BO-9 Boiler Inspection Fine for Uncompleted Inspections 

The DOB regulations for BO-9 inspections mandate that a licensed master plumber or another certified inspector must complete your inspection before the end of the calendar year. At this point, the inspector will file the report paperwork certifying that the inspection has been completed. The owner will move forward with any repairs and the inspector file another certification that repairs are complete within 180 days.

Failure to file the certification by the inspection deadline will result in the following fines:

  • $50 every month that the inspection is incomplete.
  •  $1000 maximum fine after a year from the initial deadline.

These fines are per boiler. For example, if your property has 2 boilers and you are 6 months past the deadline, the fine would be $600. After a year, the full civil penalty would be $2000 for the 2 boilers. To remove the violation on your property, you must complete the inspection and pay any outstanding fines from previous years.

Empire Plumbing Inc. is a boiler inspector for properties in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the surrounding areas of NYC. We are able to complete inspections of the boilers on your property in accordance with all DOB requirements, and we can make repairs where necessary to help you avoid any fines or service interruptions for your building. Contact us today to get a free quote and schedule your boiler inspection.

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