Extensions Available for Local Law 152 GPS Inspections

Local Law 152 implemented inspection cycles for gas piping systems with inspections due by the end of the calendar year once every four years based on the community district the property is located in. As of 2022, an amendment to this law offers building owners the ability to request a single extension, if necessary, to help them meet the requirements of the law while avoiding fines for missed deadlines.

As the end of the year inspection deadline is approaching, now is the time to consider if you will need an extension this year.

Guidelines for Getting an LL 152 Extension 

Since Local Law 152 went into effect in 2020, the Department of Buildings has been providing some flexibility with deadlines as the pandemic and questions about this new law have caused some delays for property owners. The DOB offered a 6 month extension for properties that had an inspection due by December 31, 2020, and did the same again for inspections in the next calendar year.

Now for properties with their inspections due by December 22, 2022 and all inspections going forward, a change in March of this year lets building owners request a 180 day, one time extension from the DOB. 

This extension is available for two reasons. You can request an extension to the inspection deadline, giving you an additional 180 days to complete the initial inspection, or an extension to the deadline for bringing gas piping systems to compliance. 

For repairs, the requirement without an extension is either 120 days or 180 days depending on the severity of the issue and how much time is recommended for arranging a repair. The additional times for inspections and repairs can provide you with greater flexibility in budgeting and scheduling. 

For properties in community districts 4, 6, 8, 9, and 16, inspections and repairs are due by December 31st of this year. Any building owners that believe they may need an extension should request one electronically through the Department of Buildings. 

An extension is an option on the GSP2 Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection certification form. Whether you are requesting an extension or have completed your inspection on its original deadline, this is the form that you need to file with the DOB before the end of the year to avoid a financial penalty.

To complete your gas piping system inspection for Local Law 152 and be sure that you are in compliance with all regulations, you will need an NYC licensed master plumber. Empire Plumbing Inc is an LMP that works with commercial, residential, and multi use properties in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan. We are experienced, reliable, and can complete inspections quickly to ensure your compliance with Local Law 152. Contact us to get today to get a quote.

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