Local Law 152 Requirements for New Buildings

Local Law 152 first went into effect in 2020, requiring all commercial and multi-residential buildings in NYC at that time to receive regular inspections of gas piping systems every 4 years. There are a few exceptions to LL 152 and one of these is for newer buildings.

Much of what Local Law 152 checks for is damage that may have developed in a gas piping system over time and work that is unauthorized or completed without compliance with building codes. Because newer buildings are unlikely to have any significant wear or aging on their gas piping systems, they are excepted from LL 152 requirements for an initial period of time. Understanding these guidelines will ensure that you are meeting inspection requirements when necessary for your new building.

When to Schedule LL 152 Inspections on a New Property 

The specific type of properties that will need LL 152 inspections are the same for new properties as they are for existing properties. This includes a property except for those with an R-3 occupation code, such as properties that have 2 or fewer units or group housing property types with 20 or fewer occupants. All other property types must schedule LL 152 inspections in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Defining New Properties – New properties are considered any building for which the Certificate of Occupancy was issued after December 31, 2019. 
  • First Inspection After 10 Years – The first Local Law 152 inspection is required 10 years after the issuing of the Certificate of Occupancy. This means that new buildings in NYC covered under Local Law 152 will first begin undergoing inspections in 2030.
  • New Properties Move to the 4 Year Cycle – After the initial inspection, new buildings will go on the same 4 year periodic schedule as existing buildings.
  • Applies to Properties With and Without Gas Piping Systems – New properties without a gas piping system are exempt from inspections, but still need to have a licensed master plumber certify that there is no gas piping system in use on the property.

Although there are still several years before new properties in NYC will need to begin scheduling Local Law 152 inspections, it is still possible to need gas piping system inspections if your building has a gas leak or any other problems with your gas lines.

Empire Plumbing is an NYC licensed master plumber that works with commercial and residential properties of all ages in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan to provide gas piping system inspections and repairs. Whether you need a Local Law 152 inspection or any other inspection or repairs, contact our team.

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