Local Law 152 Requirements for Properties Without Gas Piping Systems

Local Law 152 requires an inspection of gas piping systems once every 4 years for commercial and multifamily residential properties housing over two families. Despite the focus of this law being on the safety of gas piping systems, properties without gas piping systems still have requirements under this law.

How to Comply with Local Law 152 When Your Building Does Not Have a Gas Piping System 

Although Local Law 152 primarily deals with properties that have an operable gas piping system, properties in NYC that are not in the R-3 residency code and do not have a gas line are also affected by this legislation. Property owners must meet the requirements of the law or face a $10,000 civil penalty for failure to do so by the deadline.

This means if you are a property owner of a commercial building, multi-use building, or any residential property that has more than 2 units or is a group home or convent with more than 20 occupants, you should be familiar with LL 152 requirements. As an added complication, the LL 152 rules for properties without a gas piping system have changed slightly from the original terms with an update to the law at the end of 2021. 

For properties that do not have a gas piping system in use, owners must still secure a certification that there is no gas piping system. To do this, building owners should:

  • Determine the Year that Certification is Due – Certifications are due every 4 years based on the community district in which your property is located. For 2022, this includes properties in community districts 4, 6 8, 9, and 16 in all boroughs. You can find future deadlines in our Local Law 152 overview
  • Schedule an Inspection – As of 2021, a licensed master plumber, in addition to a registered design professional, is able to certify that your building is not supplied with gas. You will need to coordinate an inspection with a local LMP or RDP in order to complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Inspector Submits Paperwork – The LMP or RDP who performs your inspection will submit to the Department of Buildings the electronic certification confirming that the inspection is complete and your building does not have an active gas utility. This fulfills your requirements for the next 4 years. 

2022 has been the first year that licensed master plumbers are able to conduct your inspection and confirm that properties without a gas piping system or active gas supply are exempted from a full LL 152 inspection. While this has made meeting LL 152 requirements for these properties significantly easier, it is still important to remember upcoming deadlines and schedule your certification before those deadlines.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a licensed master plumber in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, and beyond. We are highly experienced with the requirements of Local Law 152 for properties with and without gas piping systems. Give us a call to schedule your inspection or learn more about the LL 152 requirements for your specific property.

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