The Most Common Boiler Repairs

When your boiler goes out in the winter or starts to malfunction, it can leave you stressed over whether or not your building will have heat on a cold day. For this reason, you want to be able to determine the issue quickly and make the necessary repairs. 

Fortunately, most boiler repairs fall into one of a few categories and with professional service, you can often get your boiler back up and running before long. 

Which Problems are Most Common with Boilers in NYC? 

There are four main challenges that can cause a boiler to malfunction or stop working altogether. The first – and usually most pressing problem – is when a boiler is not producing any heat. This can stem from a range of issues and oftentimes it is not possible to tell what the cause is without a professional inspection. It could be a safety switch, a problem with your thermostat, a broken pump, or another issue.

Other problems may initially seem less pressing but could lead to a problem if they go unaddressed. These include:

  • Pilot Light Troubles – The functionality of your pilot light depends largely on the age of your boiler. Many older boilers in NYC have a continuously on pilot light. Others use an electronic ignition pilot light that switches on when the boiler is needed. Either of these can malfunction if the light goes out or fails to light. While a light that goes out once in a while is usually not an issue, continuously having problems with the pilot light is. Boiler repair can determine what is causing problems and make sure the pilot light stays consistently lit throughout the winter.
  • Kettling – Kettling results in a banging or rumbling sound emitting from your hot water boiler. It is caused by minerals in the water building up as deposits, causing pressure levels to change in the boiler. This is one problem that starts small but quickly becomes more significant, so you should always treat any unusual noises as a reason to call a plumber.
  • Boiler Leaks – Leaks can come from a number of different places. A leak from the boiler tank is a major problem and you should schedule a repair immediately. Leaks from valves or pumps are usually smaller issues that can be more easily repaired, but you should always call for leak repair just to be safe.

A boiler is often one of the more expensive appliances in your building, so it is valuable to keep it in good repair and to trust an expert whenever you notice a problem. Empire Plumbing provides boiler services in NYC. Our boiler inspections can determine if there is an issue with your boiler and suggest the appropriate repair. For more information, give us a call.

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