What to Expect from Backflow Prevention Device Testing

A backflow prevention device is an important piece of equipment that prevents water on properties from flowing back into the main line and causing a serious public health and safety issue. But in order to fulfill these requirements, a backflow prevention device needs to be working correctly.

For this reason, NYC requires properties in the city with backflow prevention devices installed to have the device inspected annually. This inspection is generally straightforward and rarely reveals a problem, but knowing what to expect and understanding the process can help you meet testing requirements with less hassle.

How Backflow Prevention Device Testing Works 

Properties need to complete backflow prevention testing once annually when they receive notice from the Department of Building. A licensed master plumber must be the one to complete this process and certify that your backflow prevention device is working correctly. This test will involve:

  • Visual Inspection of the Device – Visual inspection can generally reveal if there is any outward damage that may be causing improper functioning.
  • Pressure Testing – The inspector will shut off the downstream valve and then test the pressure in the system. Incorrect pressure could mean that water is moving in the wrong direction and could potentially flow back into the water main. 
  • Check for Wastewater – The LMP will look for wastewater and any locations where it should not be, which could indicate that something has gone wrong with the device.
  • Repair Recommendations – In cases where an inspection reveals an issue with your backflow prevention device, the inspector can also provide an outline for the necessary repairs to restore the functionality of your device.
  • Provide Certification – The LMP will fill out and sign the testing form to certify that the testing was performed.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a licensed tester for backflow prevention devices throughout all of NYC, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island. We can provide annual testing for backflow prevention devices and manage any necessary repair work to keep your device working as it should and guarantee that your commercial or residential property meets all DOB requirements. If the time has come to schedule your annual backflow prevention device test, contact our team at Empire Plumbing.

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