Boiler Maintenance Checklist

When well maintained, a boiler in NYC can easily last for many years and deliver effective and efficient heating over that time. While some tasks should always be left to professionals – such as boiler repairs, annual boiler inspection, and annual or start up servicing, – there are a variety of maintenance steps that a building owner or super can take throughout the year as well.

Maintenance Steps Property Owners Can Perform on their Boilers

Boiler maintenance steps can be divided into tasks you should complete daily or as often as possible, monthly maintenance, and maintenance that needs to be done only periodically, such as every quarter or twice a year depending on your boiler’s age and how much you use it.

For the daily tasks, you should regularly look around your boiler for leaks or dripping water, take temperature and pressure readings to make sure everything is functioning correctly, address any error codes if you have a boiler with a digital display, and make sure there are no objects cluttered around the boiler or obstructing vents. This is in addition to being aware of how your boiler generally functions so that you can note any changes that may indicate a problem.

Your monthly boiler maintenance checklist includes:

  • Check the Flue and Combustion Air Piping – Visually inspect the incoming and outgoing piping and flue for any problems, such as deterioration, a blockage, or leaking air.
  • Inspect the Relief Valve – Check for signs of a problem with the relief valve. Common challenges are when the valve is leaking or continuously dripping water.
  • Look at the Drain – You should also inspect drainage components monthly if you have a condensing boiler. Examine the drain line, trap, and fittings of the condensate drain to be sure there are no leaks. 

Periodically, you should also perform a more in depth visual inspection. This often involves checking the pilot light if accessible to make sure it is burning as normal and scheduling a low water cutoff test to make sure the water levels of your system are still calibrated accurately.

It is worth remembering that the maintenance you can do on your own should never replace servicing by an experienced professional. Empire Plumbing Inc offers annual boiler inspections in NYC where we can make sure that your boiler is working properly with no potential risks. If there are any problems that need to be addressed, we can discuss your options for boiler repair with you, all at an affordable price. Schedule your annual boiler inspection with our team today.

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