Tips for Gas Appliance Installation, Maintenance, and Use

Many people who rely on gas appliances like stoves, water heaters, and furnaces swear by these solutions for reliable performance, efficiency, and ease of use. There are some differences between natural gas and electric appliances in terms of the installation process and how they function.

If you are interested in upgrading to gas appliances, here are some of the things you should know before making the switch.

Basics of Natural Gas Appliances for NYC Homes

Relying on natural gas power has some different requirements for installation and maintenance. When you are installing gas appliances or if you already have gas appliances, you should always:

  • Work with a Professional – In NYC, all gas piping and gas appliance work has to be completed by a master plumber, but even if this is not a requirement in your area, installation and repair of natural gas appliances is a highly specialized skill set that you should always leave to professionals.
  • Know the Upfront Costs – Installing gas appliances for the first time can be pricey, particularly if your property has never had gas power before. While you can save money in energy costs over the long run, you should plan to budget for running new pipes and installing appliances.
  • Know the Maintenance Requirements – Gas appliances can have somewhat different maintenance requirements than electric ones. For any appliances that you install, take time to learn how to properly clean and maintain them. 
  • Be Aware of Gas Leaks – I is also beneficial to familiarize yourself with the signs of a gas leak so that you can get a fix for a problem as soon as it occurrs.
  • Be Cautious – Despite its efficiency, gas can come with some risks. Be sure to take the correct precautions with it, such as avoiding leaving knobs turned to the on position without a flame so that you are not accidentally releasing gas into the air. You should also teach your kids to do the same.

If you are ready to install gas plumbing in your home, take the first step and contact Empire Plumbing. We are licensed master plumbers in NYC who can provide high quality gas pipe and appliance installation to keep your home safe and efficient.

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