Making Sure Your Gas Piping System is Ready for Winter

Winter is approaching in NYC and along with it some cold days. You want to be sure that your gas piping system can withstand the cold temperatures and your appliances, like water heaters and boilers, are ready to get you through NYC’s coldest days.

Preparing a Natural Gas System for Winter in NYC 

Taking some steps now to prepare your home will help ensure that you are comfortable and safe this winter and also ensure you can heat your home efficiently. Before winter, consider doing all of the following:

  • Schedule an Inspection – Now is a great time to schedule an inspection of your gas piping system and appliances to be sure they are in good working condition before you need to turn them on for the winter. An inspection can also ensure that there are no leaks that can become dangerous when you are inside during cold weather.
  • Schedule Repairs and Replacements – If you have been meaning to repair or replace a gas appliance, schedule that now so you can have it finished before winter.
  • Weatherproof Your Home – Use caulking to seal up gaps and replace weather stripping where needed so that your home is better sealed up against the elements. This means less heat will escape, saving money in the hidden costs and keeping you more comfortable.

Master plumbers in NYC can often experience busier schedules in the winter months as properties deal with emergency boiler and heating issues or need to schedule gas piping system inspections before end of the year deadlines.

By getting a head start on winterizing your natural gas appliances and piping system now, you can better guarantee a comfortable and functional natural gas system this winter. Empire Plumbing Inc offers gas pipe inspections, installation, and repair to assist local homeowners with any gas line work that you need. Contact us for a quote and more information.

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