Now is the Time to Schedule Your 2022 Local Law 152 Inspection

As we approach the last quarter of 2022, we are also approaching the end of the year deadline for Local Law 152 inspections. This law requires the majority of properties in NYC to have their gas piping systems inspected by a licensed master plumber and to take care of any repairs necessary before the end of the year. 

Since the end of the year is a busier time for licensed master plumbers as many property owners rush to get their inspections completed, scheduling your inspection now guarantees a hassle free inspection and repair process.

Which Properties are Required to Have a LL 152 Inspection in 2022 

Local Law 152 requires a licensed master plumber to survey all visible pipes, valves, fittings, and appliance between the gas meter and tenant spaces in your building, and perform a leak test. The property owner must then submit an inspection certification to the Department of Buildings to satisfy the requirements of Local Law 152 and follow up with any repairs.

Local Law 152 has deadlines in four year cycles, with different community districts in every borough required to complete their LL 152 inspection in different years. For 2022, the following community districts must have their gas pipe inspection by December 31st, 2022:

  • Community District 4
  • Community District 6
  • Community District 8
  • Community District 9
  • Community District 16

These inspections apply to all buildings that are not zoned R-3, including all commercial properties and residential properties with 3 or more dwelling units or group living facilities housing more than 20 individuals. 

This is the first inspection year for these community districts since LL 152 went into effect in 2020, so many property owners may have questions about the process and what it entails. We encourage you to check out our guide to LL 152 for a better understanding of the inspection process and filing requirements.

You can also call our friendly and expert team at Empire Plumbing Inc. We are happy to answer any questions as we help you meet all the requirements for LL 152. Give us a call to schedule your inspection and get ahead the crowds before this year’s deadline.

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