How Often Should You Schedule a Gas Safety Inspection at Your Home

Natural gas is a top choice for single family homes in NYC as it is affordable, efficient, and generally very safe. You can further increase the safety of natural gas with regular inspections of your piping system.

While commercial properties and multifamily housing are required to have regular inspections every 4 years under Local Law 152, single family and 2-unit residential properties are exempt from this requirement. But just because gas line inspections are not required does not mean you should not get them. Making a gas piping system inspection a regular part of your home maintenance routine is a valuable step for any property that relies on gas natural gas power.

When to Schedule a Gas Piping System Inspection

During a gas inspection, the inspector will look for any signs of damage, malfunction, or notable risks in your system. They will inspect pipes, appliances, vents, and connection points looking for any leaks or other problems. 

A gas piping system inspection is particularly important If you have noticed signs of a leak. If you are moving to a new property that does not have a recent gas inspection certification, you will want to be sure when it is done before you move in to check that everything is safe.

But if you are already living in a house and have not recently noticed any signs of problems, it is still worthwhile to schedule an inspection. Every 3 to four 4 is the minimum timeline on which you should plan your inspections, but making this an annual step is an even better option. This is because more frequent inspections make it possible for inspectors to:

  • Detect damage that may not be outwardly apparent.
  • Find damage in the early days before signs are evident and when repairs are likely to be less costly.
  • Ensure you are not paying extra in energy cost for inefficient appliances.

You can complete a gas piping system at any time, although the summer months are often better for a quicker response and more flexible scheduling. This is because master plumbers in NYC are typically dealing with gas problems related to heating and properties trying to meet the year end Local Law 152 inspection deadlines during the winter.

In addition to providing all of these benefits, a residential gas inspection in NYC is a relatively easy process. The entire inspection can take under an hour to complete and our licensed master plumbers at Empire Plumbing Inc follow up quickly with any necessary repairs. To schedule a gas piping system inspection at your home, call our team today.

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