How Does a Licensed Master Plumber Find Gas Leaks?

One of the main repair needs with gas lines in NYC is finding and fixing leaks. These are a dangerous concern with gas pipes since a leak can release natural gas into the air, and they need to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Many property owners are aware they have a gas leak after they notice that sulfuric rotten egg smell, but actually locating the leak is not always simple. A professional licensed master plumber in NYC will use a range of technology and skills to help diagnose gas pipe issues whenever you suspect a gas pipe leak.

Professional Gas Leak Detection Process

In NYC, you need to call a licensed master plumber for gas issues. Trying to locate and fix the leak yourself is extremely dangerous and not permitted. The NYC Department of Buildings specifies that only a licensed master plumber can work on gas piping systems, and because they will have the knowledge and equipment necessary to find and repair a leak, they are your best choice.

During their visit, a licensed master plumber may use one or more of these techniques to locate a leak:

  • Get Information from You – Since you or one of your tenants was likely the first to notice gas, the plumber will ask for any information you have regarding where and when you may have smelled gas or heard a hissing sound, as well as any other signs you may have noticed.
  • Shut Off Gas – If the leak is expected to be large and an immediate concern, the technician may shut off the gas while identifying and solving the problem to prevent any emergencies. Shutting off the line may also be necessary for certain types of testing.
  • Initial Inspection – An inspector may start by searching for those same signs that indicated a gas problem to you such as a bad smell, hissing sounds, or visual damage. With their practiced eye, they may be able to find additional evidence of the leak. 
  • Pressure Testing – With this testing method, an LMP pumps air into the gas line and then monitors the pressure over a period of 30 minutes. If the pressure decreases, it indicates that there is a leak somewhere in the line.
  • Soaping Lines – By rubbing a water and soap mixture over a gas line and around in the fittings, it can be possible to see where the leak is since the escaping air will cause the soap to bubble.
  • Accessing Concealed Lines – If the inspector is not able to find the leak on exposed gas lines, they may need to access lines behind drywall or underneath the ground.

Once the licensed master plumber is able to find the leak and determine the extent of the problem, they can provide suggestions for repairing or replacing the line and a cost estimate. Empire Plumbing Inc, a licensed master plumber in NYC, uses advanced inspection methods and equipment  to help us find the most hidden gas leaks in homes and businesses in NYC. If you have any reason to suspect gas is leaking in your home, be safe and schedule a visit from our team.

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