Rising Gas Prices in Staten Island National Grid

Earlier this winter, National Grid announced that they would be raising prices in Staten Island for natural Gas customers due to ongoing global shortages and inflation. They estimated the average increase to be approximately $50 per customer. 

To limit the impact of rising natural gas prices, there are steps you can take around your home in Staten Island to keep your natural gas gas bill lower during the remaining months of winter.

Strategies for Reducing Your National Grid Bill

National Grid’s price increase happened over a period of five months, meaning that the cost you are paying now includes the final price increase. This was the most significant cost increase for natural gas in several years, so many Staten Island homes and commercial properties are feeling the effect of higher prices.

You can minimize the effect of higher natural gas prices and Staten Island when you implement the following around your property:

  • Seal Openings – Doors or windows that do not fit closely provide space for warm air to escape, forcing your boiler or furnace to work harder.
  • Reduce the Temperature – Dropping the temperature a degree or two results in significant energy savings without reducing your comfort. 
  • Keep Appliances Maintained – Older, broken appliances will not work as efficiently. Keep older gas powered appliances in good repair and plan to install new appliances once existing plants have stopped functioning efficiently.
  • Use Natural Heating – Even on cold days, the sun can provide warmth. Open your blinds on days when temperatures are above freezing to let in sunlight.

Another leading cause of increased costs is a gas leak. When one of your gas pipes is leaking, you will end up paying for all the extra gas that you are not using, as well as being at risk for any related health conditions and property damage that a gas leak can cause.

With rising natural gas prices in Staten Island, you want to be sure that you are using and paying only for the amount of natural gas that is necessary to keep your home comfortable and your appliances functioning.

Empire Plumbing Inc. provides gas pipe inspections from a licensed master plumber in Staten Island to detect if there are any leaks in your home and make the necessary repairs. We help ensure that you are getting the best price for natural gas in Staten Island. 

Empire Plumbing is a Staten Island licensed master plumber that also offers our inspection services at some of the most affordable prices. If you suspect that you have a gas pipe leak at your home or commercial property, contact Empire Plumbing to schedule a visit from a master plumber in Staten Island.

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