Gas Line Safety for NYC Homeowners

Natural gas is an extremely safe power option, but like all power it is not without risks. A natural gas leak on your property can have extreme consequences. Fortunately, with basic knowledge and consistent gas pipe maintenance in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, homeowners can keep their properties safe while using affordable and efficient natural gas.

How to Keep Natural Gas Power Safe

Risks with natural gas come from the fact that it is highly flammable and any gas that leaks into the air around your home can quickly become a fire or explosion hazard. Knowing how to prevent leaks and catch them early if they start will help keep your family and your property safe. 

Here are the most important safety steps for your property if you have a gas piping system:

  • Know the Signs of a Leak – Natural gas in NYC has a rotten egg smell to help you determine if there is a leak since it is odorless and invisible. If you think you smell gas or you hear a hissing sound, turn off appliances, do not use electronics, and vacate the area immediately before calling for help.
  • Know Risk Factors for Leaks – Many gas leaks develop in damaged pipes or in those that have been installed incorrectly. Some of these may be obvious to you such as visible damage, rusting, or ill fitting connections on pipes. Other features, like the wrong piping materials or missing valves, can be identified during a professional gas pipe inspection.
  • Periodic Inspections – Gas piping systems are subjected to a number of inspection requirements in NYC like Local Law 152 for larger properties and Task 87, in which utility companies must inspect meters. Know which inspection requirements apply to your property and plan ahead to meet them. 
  • Use Caution When Digging – The “Know Before You Dig campaign” applies to homeowners as well. To avoid accidentally hitting and causing a leak in underground gas lines, notify your utility before you do any project or any digging project out in your yard. They can send a technician to mark gas lines.

The final safety step for homeowners with natural gas, and one that is required by the NYC Department of Buildings, is to only use a licensed master plumber for all work involving gas. This includes installing new gas lines and appliances, repairing and replacing existing gas piping, and leak tests and other inspections. A licensed master plumber has in-depth training and is up to date on all requirements, enabling them to always choose the safest solutions for gas piping systems. 

Empire Plumbing Inc. is a licensed master plumber that provides gas pipe installation and repair in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan and can help you be sure that your natural gas piping system at your home is safe. Contact us whenever you need gas piping work.

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