How to Choose a Licensed Master Plumber for Gas Work

Natural gas is one of the safest forms of energy for homes and properties in NYC, but it is not completely without risks. Improper installation or repair work can lead to leaks, malfunctioning appliances, inefficient gas usage, and in extreme cases, explosion or fire.

These risks are why it is so important to hire the right plumber for any gas work on your property, including inspections, installations, and repairs. With the right plumber, you can be confident that everything is working properly and there are no risks with your gas piping system.

Requirements Your Plumber Should Meet

There are hundreds of options for plumbers in NYC, but work involving a gas piping system requires a plumber with the right skills. When you need a gas plumber, make sure they are:

  • Licensed – The NYC Department of Buildings requires most gas work to be performed by a Licensed Master Plumber. These plumbers have gone through hours of training and on the job experience in order to provide excellent, reliable service at every job.
  • Insured – A professional plumber will be bonded and insured to cover themselves and you in the case of an accident or damage to your home. These are rare occurrences with an experienced plumber, but since your property is a significant investment, you want to be sure the company you trust with plumbing work is treating it with respect.
  • Experience – Every business has to start somewhere, but choosing a long standing licensed plumber in NYC guarantees you a company with experience with local properties, the NYC DOB, and ConEd and National Grid. You can also easily determine if a plumbing company with years in the industry has a reputation for quality work.
  • Fair Pricing – Gas services are not an area where you can afford to cut costs if it also means cutting corners. Instead, look for a company that will provide upfront and transparent pricing for your specific project.

When you need a plumber for gas in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, or elsewhere in NYC, Empire Plumbing Inc is the local company that meets all of these requirements. We are a Licensed Master Plumber with years of experience serving local residential and commercial properties.

You can depend on us to provide high-quality service at competitive prices with comprehensive solutions for all of your gas piping system needs. Contact us to learn more about what we offer and schedule a visit with us today.

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