Why Use Natural Gas to Power Your Multi-Family Property or Business in NYC

Over half of the residential properties in NYC use natural gas for heating, as do many businesses and commercial properties. It can also power most of the appliances you or your tenants use. When compared with electric power for appliances, or solutions like heating oil, natural gas offers property owners significant advantages that can make the initial cost of installing a gas pipe system worth it.

Benefits of Natural Gas in NYC

An expansive infrastructure of natural gas lines in NYC enables almost every local property to have access to gas power for tasks like heating, cooking, laundry, water heating, and more.

Many properties already utilize natural gas for heating or certain appliances. If yours does, expanding your gas piping system can let you take further advantage of the benefits of natural gas such as its being:

  • Affordable – Electricity, propane, and other heating sources are all more expensive than natural gas. By switching, you can save on energy costs, especially if you are heating a large property during a cold winter. If your tenants pay utilities, offering this cost-effective alternative can increase the value of your property.
  • Eco-Friendly – Unlike other oils, natural gas burns cleanly and does not give off harmful emissions. Since a large portion of electricity comes from coal, fossil fuels, or other non-renewable resources which also emit harmful toxins into the air, natural gas can be better for the environment.
  • Safe – When installed in accordance with building codes by a professional plumber, natural gas is a safe fuel source. It is safer than other fuels. Having a local licensed plumber who can inspect and fix any issues like Empire Plumbing means your gas system will always work efficiently.
  • Readily Available – If you are heating your property with heating oils, you have to plan for delivery. Natural gas is supplied by the city’s gas main and is always available when you need it.

As you consider installing gas systems and appliances on your property, you will want to be aware of the associated standards that the NYC Department of Buildings mandates around gas. This includes having a licensed master plumber in NYC oversee the installation process, as well as having a plumber inspect gas lines once every 4 years in compliance with Local Law 152. You will also want to consider whether a master meter or individual gas meters are better for your property.

We make meeting these standards simple at Empire Plumbing Inc. Our licensed master plumbing services are up to date with all local requirements and can help you meet them with cost-effective services. When you are considering upgrading to gas in your building, call Empire Plumbing to get experienced assistance with planning, installations, inspections, and beyond.

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