Understanding the Gas Piping System at Your Home

It can often seem as if appliances powered by natural gas operate by magic. You flip a switch or turn a knob, and suddenly you have power so long as the system is working as it should. For most homeowners, this is fine.

But the gas pipe system that supplies natural gas to your heating and appliances is relatively complex. There are many different parts that all have to be in good condition to safely and efficiently deliver gas into your home, which is what makes it so important to have a licensed plumber who can maintain the entire gas system.

What Components Deliver Natural Gas to Appliances

In NYC, natural gas for residential or commercial properties is supplied by either National Grid or Consolidated Edison depending on the borough in which your property is located. They run gas throughout the city in gas mains. When you use gas-powered appliances in your home, they are connected to the gas main through:

  • Gas Supply Lines – This is the main line that connects your property to the gas main. Most properties will only have one.
  • Branch Lines – Branch lines run from the gas supply line to the rooms and appliances that require gas. Any renovation that brings gas to a new part of your property will often require new branch lines.
  • Drop Lines – At the end of the branch line, a drop line travels vertically down and connects directly to the appliance.
  • Risers – A riser is the same as a drop line but in the opposite direction. It travels vertically upwards from the branch line to connect with the appliance.

Your home’s piping system will be divided from the municipal system by a gas meter that tracks your gas usage for utility billing. Generally, the utility companies are responsible for everything up to the gas meter while property owners are responsible for all of the piping system past the gas meter.

Whenever there is a problem with the gas pipes in your house or you want to make changes or additions, Empire Plumbing Inc is the licensed master plumber in NYC who understands the complexities of your system. We can identify problems, complete inspection requirements, install and renovate gas piping systems, and handle any other gas piping needs with our full service plumbing. Start with a free quote today.

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