What Happens if I Cannot Afford an LL 152 Inspection?

It’s safe to say that we are living in uncertain economic times. If you own a property that is required to have a local law 152 inspection, it is normal for some property owners to worry about this added expense. After all, while the cost of the inspection differs between property types, a full inspection can be a bit on the pricier side – especially if you did not budget for it.

So what can you do?

Let’s start with an important note: No matter what, you do need to get the inspection completed, and on time. This is a mandatory inspection that is required for a good reason: a faulty gas line is a lot more dangerous and a lot more expensive than the inspection will be, and so compliance is both critical from a financial standpoint and from a safety one.

So, skipping the inspection is not an option. New York City also fines buildings that do not get the inspection as much as $5,000, and there are very few ways to waive the fine. It is best to assume that you need to get the inspection completed, under all circumstances.

What Happens if You Have Financial Hardship?

First, you have an entire year to get your LL 152 inspection completed, so start looking into strategies to pay for it starting the moment it is your district’s turn. The longer you wait, the fewer options are available and the less leeway there is to address your needs.

Unfortunately, what is available is pretty slim. There are, at least as of this writing, no government programs to offer support.

If you are genuinely unable to afford the inspection, communicate your situation to the NYC Department of Buildings. While they are unlikely to waive the inspection requirement, they may provide guidance on compliance options and potential resources for financial assistance.

Requesting Extensions

In some cases, you may be able to request an extension for the inspection deadline. While this does not eliminate the requirement, it can provide additional time to secure the necessary funds or financing.

If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, proactive communication and early planning is going to be very important. Talk to the DOB as soon as you’re able, and coordinate with Empire Plumbing to make sure that you’re getting your inspection completed at the right time.

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