Why Use Individual Gas Meters in a Multi Unit Residential Complex?

When supplying a multifamily residential building in NYC with natural gas, there is the option to use a single, master meter in which one gas meter tracks all gas usage for the building and the utility billed to the property owner. You can also use a sub meter system in which every unit has its own meter and usage tracking and billing are done on an individual basis.

Although there are pros and cons to both systems and a single master meter can be the right choice for certain properties, replacing a master meter with a sub meter system can offer significant benefits to residential property owners in NYC. 

Advantages of a Sub Meter System to Multifamily Residential Properties 

There are a number of requirements surrounding natural gas use in NYC that property owners must meet. Moving to a system of individual meters can make managing your gas piping system and billing easier on you as an owner or your building super, while also increasing the convenience to tenants and value of your building in all of the following ways:

  • Cost Savings – As a property owner, you can see cost savings on a sub metered system and repairs and inspections.
  • More Convenient Repairs – With multiple lines, it can be easier to tell where a leak or another problem may be and a plumber will only need to shut off a single line to make repairs rather than causing a service disruption for the entire property.
  • Control for Tenants – Individual tenants are able to monitor their use and pay for only the gas they are using. 
  • Easier Billing – With the gas meter tracking real time use of individual tenants, the gas utility can bill them directly.

Often, replacing a master meter with sub meters provides an update to dated equipment. Since new pipes and valves are almost always safer and more efficient than older equipment, this can also provide cost savings for both you and your tenants as well systems are run more efficiently and you are less likely to need repairs in the coming years.

Empire Plumbing Inc is a master plumber in NYC that can help you with the gas pipe installation process for a master meter and installation of individual meters for your multifamily residential property, including helping you to determine if this solution is the best choice for you. For any gas piping system installation or other residential gas pipe needs, contact Empire Plumbing to get started.

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