Tools for Gas Leak Detection

There will often be signs that indicate a gas leak problem, such as the rotten egg smell or hissing sounds in the area where the leak developed, but the signs may not always be obvious. Sometimes, gas leaks can still be hard to detect if the leak happens in an unreachable place or you do not notice the smell.

In these cases, a variety of tools and detectors can help confirm if you have a gas leak on your property and pinpoint the location. Certain tools can also make it possible to regularly monitor gas piping systems and around your home or business in case a leak develops. 

Equipment for Monitoring and Locating Gas Leaks

If you suspect a gas leak, it is always safest to call a licensed master plumber who can confirm the leak and begin repairs. But property owners can rely on certain tools that will make it easier to detect the leak in the first place, including:

  • Gas Sensors – A gas detector uses sensors to identify gas in the air and return a warning if it is present. These are the easiest to use and most affordable, but are not always entirely accurate and are known for sometimes returning a false positive as the sensitive detectors can pick up other sources of gas and trigger an alarm even when you do not have a leak. 
  • Ultrasonic Gas Detection – Gas can generate ultrasonic sound waves and these detectors are built to pick up those sound waves. This gives you a more sensitive and accurate detecting method than the basic gas detectors.
  • Pressure Testing – An LMP can put air into the gas system and watch to see if the pressure gauge moves or stays the same. This can confirm a leak exists somewhere in the pipe that lets the air escape rather than increases the pressure in the line.
  • Soap Bubble Testing – Many leaks at valves and connection points are not visible. By covering connectors with a layer of soap, it is possible to spot the leak as soap bubbles form wherever gasses are escaping.

Although some of these leak detection methods will work for homeowners, because of the risks associated with a gas leak, it is best to leave detection and repair to a licensed master plumber in NYC whenever you suspect a problem.

Empire Plumbing Inc is the leading gas leak repair company in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan. Whether you have a reason to suspect a leak or want to schedule an inspection to prevent future problems, the master plumbers at Empire Plumbing can help. Contact us to learn more.

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