Everyday Natural Gas Safety Tips

A gas piping system in your home is an affordable, efficient, and safe energy source as long as it is used in the right ways. The most significant requirements for a gas piping system is to have a licensed master plumber complete all work, get inspections as needed, and respond quickly if you notice any leaks.

But there are also some things you can do regularly to promote safety and ensure you are using and natural gas to power your home or other property in the most risk free way. 

General Safety Tips for Gas Powered Homes 

Incidents with natural gas in NYC are relatively rare and often not extremely dangerous as long as you stay aware of any leaks and strange smells. If you also follow these tips, you are unlikely to have any problems with gas:

  • Use Appliances the Way the Manufacturer Designed Them – This means using not using your stove or oven to warm your living area as this can result in natural gas buildup or malfunctions with the appliance. 
  • Keep the Area Around Appliances Clear – In the event of emergency, it is necessary to reach a malfunctioning appliance fast. Keeping this area clear also leads to reduced fire risk, making it important to leave at least 6 inches of space between appliances and any clutter other furniture.
  • Keep Area Around the Gas Meter Clear – Like appliances, it is important to be able to reach the gas meter quickly in an emergency. Keep the area around the meter clear, including from any landscaping features. 
  • Store Flammable Materials Correctly – Never store extra fuel, cleaning agents, and other flammable items anywhere close to gas appliances or gas lines as this is a fire risk.
  • Never Hang Things on Gas Pipes – You should not hang or drape anything over exposed gas pipes as this can cause damage to the pipe and a leak. 
  • Install Detectors – Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and methane detectors can give you early warning in the event of an emergency that could be related to one of your gas appliances. 
  • Always Use a Professional for Repairs – If you are having any challenges with your gas piping system or you suspect problems, never tried to handle them yourself, but instead call a licensed master plumber.
  • Know the Signs of a Leak – You should be familiar with the indicators of a gas leak, such as a rotten egg smell, damaged plants, or a hissing noise. This way, you can take the right steps before any malfunctions become a dangerous problem.

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