Gas Pipe Safety Tips When You Move into a New Home in NYC

Moving into a new condo, co-op, or home in NYC can be an exciting change. If your new home runs on gas power, you can expect efficient and low cost heating during the colder months and dependable performance from stoves and water heaters. 

But to ensure everything is working properly with your gas lines and appliances and to avoid any unexpected expenses or surprises in the future, these are the steps you should take when you move into your new home to be sure that gas power is working properly.

New Home Inspection from a Licensed Master Plumber 

While there are safety tips you should always follow for a gas piping system, there are some a few ways to familiarize yourself with your new system and make sure everything is in good condition. In NYC, licensed master plumbers can perform a thorough gas pipe inspection and make any repairs necessary to be sure that your gas pipes and appliances will continue working efficiently long after you move in. Potential problems they will check for include:

If you want to make any updates at your new home, from renovations or additions to changing over your existing power source to natural gas, you also want the assistance of an NYC LMP. They can install new gas lines or move existing pipes, and help you be certain that every project is completed safely.

Empire Plumbing Inc. is the best master plumber in NYC with all the services you need to keep your new home safe and efficient. Schedule a pipe system inspection with our team as part of your preparation to move into a new home.

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