LL 152 Deadlines are Coming Up – Get Familiar with the Filing Process

The end of the year is the deadline for Local Law 152 gas piping system inspections in community districts 2, 5, 7, 13, and 18. This means that, if you own a qualifying property in one of these districts, the time is quickly approaching when you will need to have both your inspection completed and the necessary paperwork filed with the Department of Buildings.

Since this law is newer, building owners are going through their first inspection and many are not sure what to expect. But with a $10,000 maximum fine for property owners that fail to meet the requirements, taking some time to understand your responsibilities under Local Law 152 can help you avoid stress and penalties at the end of the year.

How Does the Filing Process Work for Local Law 152

The first step for Local Law 152 is to call a Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) in NYC. They are the only ones authorized to inspect gas lines and sign off on the necessary paperwork. After they complete the initial inspection, the filing process for all paperwork will look like this:

  • Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Report (GPS1) – Within 30 days of the inspection, the Licensed Master Plumber who did the inspection will give the building owner this report. It outlines any issues that you will need to have a plumber correct.
  • Gas Piping System Periodic Inspection Certification (GSP2) – The LMP will provide you this signed and sealed form that indicates whether the inspection showed no problems, revealed issues, or confirmed that no gas piping system was present on the property. If there were problems, it also confirms whether 120 day or 180 days is allowed for repairs. The building owner will submit this form digitally to the DOB through a designated submission portal.
  • Follow Up Inspection Certification – For properties that need repairs, the building owner must submit an additional Inspection Certification in either 120 days or 180 days confirming that all issues have been fixed. This form will also be provided, signed and sealed, by the LMP.

Don’t throw your paperwork away once you have filed it. The law requires you keep the report and certification from your inspection on file for 10 years. Your LMP is required to keep a copy as well.

When you turn to Empire Plumbing Inc for your Local Law 152 gas pipe inspection, you are not alone in this process. We fulfill all of our responsibilities efficiently and can help you determine what paperwork you need to file, when your deadline is, and any other tasks you need to complete to avoid a fine. Schedule your gas pipe inspection with Empire Plumbing today.

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