How to Prepare for Your Local Law 152 Inspection

Local Law 152 requires the majority of properties throughout New York City to have their gas piping systems regularly inspected to ensure there are no leaks or improper installations. This rule first went into effect in 2020, so many property owners are preparing for their first inspection in the coming years. 

An LL 152 inspection is generally straightforward and easy on you as a property owner. At Empire Plumbing, for instance, only a very few of the inspections we complete require follow up repairs in accordance with the law. Still, there are steps you can take before the inspection to ensure that both the official inspection and any potential repairs that need to be made go smoothly. 

Getting Ready for a LL 152

Inspections for local properties must be conducted by a licensed master plumber once every four years with a specific timeline depending on which number district the property is located in. The licensed master plumber will inspect the property and submit paperwork.

If repairs need to be done, they must happen over the next 180 days unless an extension request is filed. In extreme cases, such as when there is a significant leak, the inspection may result in having the gas line in your property “red tagged” and service shut off until fixes are complete. You can avoid this hassle and the $10,000 penalty for not meeting LL 152 requirements by:

  • Scheduling your Inspection – Determine if you are required to get an inspection and when your inspection is due. In the year you are required to complete your inspection, schedule it early, and at a time when you will not be overwhelmed by other maintenance tasks.
  • Keeping Up to Date with Repairs – Complete all repairs and replacements on appliances in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. If you do not already have a building schedule for these repairs, a plumber can help you determine when you need to bring each appliance up to date.
  • Using a Licensed Master Plumber for Any Installation – All installations and repairs involving gas lines should only be completed by a licensed master plumber. This guarantees that work is done legally and safely.
  • Conducting an Inspection Before the Official Inspection – If you are worried you will not pass the official LL 152 inspection, consider having a plumber out for an earlier inspection. They can outline any problems and give you a chance to address them on your schedule. The official inspection is then less likely to turn up problems.
  • Creating an Upgrade Plan –  Before your inspection, make a plan for what you will do if there are problems. Your plan should include how you will upgrade any appliances, pipes, or other systems that are determined to have a problem.

Failing to prepare for your Local Law 152 inspection can cause unnecessary stress at the deadline as you scramble to meet requirements. If there are problems that need to be fixed, it can also become a hassle for your tenants and a financial burden for you as you attempt to get gas service restored on the property.

Empire Plumbing Inc. is an NYC licensed master plumber that regularly conducts Local Law 152 inspections, as well as a full range of services for gas pipe systems from installations to inspections to repairs. Our goal is to make the Local Law 152 inspection process as easy as possible for local property owners. Whether you need to schedule your inspection, have your questions answered, or conduct repairs. To find out more about our gas pipe services, reach out to our team today.

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