Are Your Gas Pipes in Good Condition?

Signs of a gas leak are a reason to immediately call a licensed master plumber in NYC for repairs on your gas pipe system. This includes that rotten egg smell, feelings of nausea or dizziness, or noticing dying plants around your apartment. 

There are also ways you can determine that it is time for gas line repair before you have a leak. Taking action when you notice these signs can help prevent a more costly repair down the road, as well as protect your property and the people living or working there from the dangerous effects of leaking gas. 

Signs You Need Gas Line Repair

Some of these are subtle and may build up slowly over time so that you do not immediately recognize the change. But if you do notice any of the following, it is worth calling a plumbing service to complete an inspection on your gas pipes:

  • Problems with Appliances – Stoves, ovens, and furnaces that are not working as they should may not be getting enough gas. This happens when pressure drops due to a leak elsewhere in the line.
  • Higher than Normal Energy Bills – If your utility bill is going up without you consciously using more heat or gas power, you may be paying for leaking gas.
  • Rusting or Corrosion – Moisture that comes into contact with your gas pipes can cause rusting which weakens the pipe. This often requires repair, as wiping away rust is not effective.
  • Cracking Pipes – As pipes age, they become more fragile. This can cause them to crack if pressure is applied to them.
  • Environmental Changes – A gas leak in your home can make the air seem “thick” or cause you to see fogginess or a kind of shimmer in the air.

Indication of a problem on an inspection such as a Local Law 152 inspection also means that it is time for gas pipe repairs. Even if pipes are not currently leaking, an existing problem can deteriorate further until you do have a harmful gas leak on your property. Empire Plumbing, Inc. is an NYC licensed master plumber that can both diagnose and repair issues with gas pipe systems at local commercial and residential properties. If you have reason to suspect or gas pipes have become damaged, contact our team today.

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