Licensed Master Plumber in the Bronx: Empire Plumbing

Many properties in the Bronx rely on natural gas for power and heating. Other plumbing system components like boilers, water meters, and supply lines are essential in many buildings for convenience, comfort, and safety. But all of these systems need a reliable plumber to keep them maintained.

In the Bronx, licensed master plumber Empire Plumbing offers the installation and repair services to keep gas plumbing functional and provides inspections – including LL 152 inspections – to keep you compliant with all city laws and ordinances. We offer all of these services at an affordable price and a professional team. Contact us at (718)494-7301 to schedule your service.

Our Plumbing Services for Residential and Commercial Properties in the Bronx

Property owners in the Bronx may need a local master plumber to comply with requirements from various city departments, like the Department of Buildings, that require gas piping systems and others to be functional and safe. You may also need an experienced plumber if you notice a problem on your own or have a project that needs the oversight of an NYC licensed master plumber.

Empire Plumbing has a range of comprehensive services to keep properties in compliance and their plumbing systems running smoothly with options that include:

  • Gas Pipe Services – Our gas piping services in the Bronx keep local properties compliant with Local Law 152 with gas system inspections. We also offer gas pipe installation, gas leak repair, and gas violation removal.
  • Backflow Prevention Device Services – RPZ devices can prevent harmful substances on various properties from contaminating the local water supply. If your business is required to have a backflow prevention device, we can install an RPZ device and provide the annual inspections necessary to ensure proper functioning.
  • Boiler Services – We manage BO9 inspections in the Bronx on high pressure and low-pressure boilers. We can also make repairs on boilers not performing as expected or install a new boiler at your property.
  • Plumbing Renovation – The NYC Department of Buildings requires a licensed master plumber to file for building permits and perform all plumbing work during a renovation. Our team can be your plumbing contractor for any work at your home or on your property.

As a qualified master plumber in the Bronx, we can help with any additional plumbing needs as well. Let us know what you need assistance with, and we can provide an evaluation and the necessary services to fix the problem.

Why Call Empire Plumbing for Bronx Master Plumber Services

You have many Bronx master plumbers to choose from for inspections, repairs, and installations. Empire Plumbing Inc is the best master plumber for Bronx properties. We provide expert service with a team dedicated to professionalism. Our plumbing solutions in the Bronx offer:

  • Fast and Quality Services – Time is important in plumbing. From fixing a leak to removing a violation to completing the terms of an inspection, timely work saves you money and hassle. We work quickly without ever sacrificing our quality standards.
  • Competitive Rates – Because we work efficiently, we are able to offer our services at fair prices. We also provide you all pricing information upfront to help you fit plumbing into your property’s maintenance budget.
  • In-Depth Knowledge – With our licensed master plumber qualifications and years of experience in Queens, we have extensive knowledge of plumbing challenges and their solutions, enabling us to identify problems and offer the most expedient repairs.

Our team services properties of all kinds in the Bronx. Our experience includes single family homes, multifamily residential properties, commercial properties, and industrial facilities. For each property, we have the skills and resources to maintain specific plumbing systems. We also have up to date knowledge of the relevant buildings codes for your property type.

Contact Empire Plumbing for a Free Estimate

Maintaining the gas work in your building is essential for comfort and safety. With many systems, it also ensures that you do not face steep fines for violations. Empire Plumbing has all of the plumbing services you need in the Bronx. Reach out to us at (718)494-7301 to get more information about our inspection and repair solutions, get an estimate, and select a time for a visit from our plumbers.

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