What Are Some Common Gas Pipe Problems in Residential Properties?

Gas piping systems are a great way to get heat for your property, warm water, and cook on a gas oven. But like any part of your home, there is the potential to experience gas pipe issues. Gas pipe issues are also not like other forms of plumbing. When a pipe leaks, you may notice small droplets that can cause a bit of property damage, but are not necessarily urgent issues.

But with gas pipes, all issues are potentially dangerous ones. Gas is both flammable and toxic, and immediate gas pipe repair is critical for ensuring that you and your family are as safe and healthy as possible.

Common Gas Line Issues

We encourage you to call Empire Plumbing if you’re in need for more information about gas line and gas pipe related issues. Reviewing your gas lines and regular maintenance and inspections is useful for keeping your family safe. Also, multifamily housing requires gas line inspections as part of its Local Law 152 services. Some of the most common gas pipe related issues include:

  • Gas Leaks – Damage to gas pipes or improperly sealed connections can cause gas leaks around different parts of your property.
  • Corrosion – Gas pipes may corrode over time, especially in our humid weather. Corrosion can cause pipe failure.
  • Clogs – Gas line clogs are not terribly common, but when they do occur they can block your gas from working properly.
  • Poor Ventilation – Not all gas line issues are from the gas line itself. Sometimes, the issue is ventilation, leading to harmful gas buildup.
  • Poor/Excessive Gas Pressure – Gas pressure is another issue that may cause problems. Too much gas pressure can be a hazard. Too little and your pipe may not work properly.
  • Poor Installation/Safety Issues – Finally, if your gas line was not installed correctly or according to code, it may represent a problem not necessary now, but in the future.

These area only a few of the many issues that can affect gas lines. Some are more urgent than others, but when you’re talking about gas, the margin for error is quite slim Make sure you call a gas repair company in NYC, like our Master Plumbers here at Empire Plumbing, to get the help you need to keep your gas operational, functioning properly, and safe for you and your family or tenants.

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